A Detroit Lions fan from France

Hello from France !

I’m pretty happy to be here with the Lions community since I found this forum. I live in France and my english is not very good but the passion for Detroit and the Lions is here. I follow the team since the early 2010’ decade and the Stafford-Megatron era.


Welcome aboard!!!

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Bon jour, mon ami.

That’s the extent of my French.


Welcome aboard…. and good choice on the avatar!


All aboard!

Welcome welcome welcome. Can i crash at your pad if i ever make it to France?

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Welcome, and hopefully our Lions can help sponge the memory of yesterday’s world cup from your brain.

Did you see a french team yesterday ? Not me.


Welcome aboard! I always wonder how people outside of Michigan/no connection to the Lions end up being Lions fans. You could’ve picked ANY team, but you chose to suffer! LOL!

What got you started watching the NFL? Let alone the Lions.

Vive la France!!

Yes, that’s France.

Lions fever is going international!!!

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Allons-y! A teut a l’heur! Qu’es que chose? Je ne sais pas. Fessez le singe!

…and that exhausts all the knowledge I’ve retained from 2 years of high school French classes.

When I were in US, I watch some preseason game in Florida, Arizona and California but I love Detroit and Michigan for his history and was founded by a french.


Unfortunately, yes. I lived near to Paris for almost 30 years and now I live in a small town in the middle of France. It’s more quiet and less criminality.

Bienvenue! Out of curiosity, how did you get into the Lions during the Stafford/Megatron years?


If you drive down the streets of Detroit, you’re likely to encounter these street names:

Cadieux, LaSalle, Riopelle, Piquette, Pontchartrain, Marquette, Livernois, Dequindre, Gratiot, Lafayette, Labrosse, Frontenac, Fournier, Cadillac, Beaubian, Alexandrine, Chene, Charlevoix, Murseilles, Rouge

For the Detroit History, founded by a french during the Nouvelle France era. And the recent history with his hard worker in industry.

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