A Football Life: Calvin Johnson

Friday (October 1st) at 9pm on NFL Network.

Should be good!


I saw him play.
I saw him quit.
I saw him pout.
I’ve seen enough.


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Indeed. I get it.

But his play man… it was so good! It was a pleasure to watch him here in Detroit. One of the few bright spots in an otherwise abysmal, dark world.


He was usually injured at crunch time.

Was he not also an amazing first ballot hall of fame player that made countless remarkable plays?


It’s all about the teams W/L.
Will Matt Stafford make the Hall without the W’s?

hopefully they have a ‘congrats on winning the genetic lottery’ section.

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Welp, it looks like #9 is about to rack up plenty of wins so this will likely be a moot point.

I’m the end i think it’s safe to say that the most lions-esque outcome from here is that stafford wins multiple mvp’s, division titles and super bowls.

He will be wearing a gold jacket and the narrative will be that the lions are a joke for trading him.


Nope. He didn’t even get mentioned by CJ in his HOF speech…


CJ made the Hall as a Johnson, not a Lion. Not as a team mate, as a Johnson (dick).

Has anybody watched it yet? It was on last night and I watched it.

It was fun to see the NFL celebrate Megatron, but it somehow made me sad to be a Lions fan. Our franchise is so pathetic.


Nice documentary. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a WR take more hard hits than CJ took. Pretty telling when in 2015 Orlovsky says that CJ told Stafford not to throw to him if he has to roll off his left foot. He just couldn’t play the way he did earlier in his career. I didn’t get the retirement after 2015, but I understand it more now.


Says exactly zero teammates.

Better to remain quiet and thought of as a fool, than to open ones mouth and remove all doubt.


It’s hilarious the mental gymnastics.

Calvin rep is so clean
Him fronting marijuana already opens doors

Stafford wasn’t offended not being mentioned. However Calvin did mention us , the fans specifically and some fans can’t take a compliment

6 years later.
Whatever. You guys are better fans than I am, I guess.
I’m okay with that.

He’s mentioned the great fans of Detroit in nearly every interview that I’ve heard, he even teared up talking about them during his hall of fame speech. Players of his caliber always have a retirement interview, except when you have a clown like Rod Wood running the organization.

I don’t think we’re better fans, just better informed.


He actually said plenty of good things about us fans since retiring.


Yeah, I didn’t realize how bad that hit was in 2007 either. They didn’t mention it, but I’ve always contended Megatron was never the same after that hit by Chad Greenway around 2012-13.

I always envisioned Calvin transitioning to TE when he was older with his size. So I was really surprised by his retirement. And no matter what, I’m still not buying it was just injuries. He came right out and said he’d have played for another team.

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That was a great episode. I didn’t know i could have more love and respect for Calvin than i already had prior to watching it.

Makes me sad that he never won anything.

I have a hard time understanding how the lions never won anything during those years they had Calvin, Suh and Stafford. So much talent all over the field on both sides of the ball. Ponderous…

I will always appreciate all the good times #81 brought to lions fans.