A forgotten dynamic to the Jared Goff/Justin Fields future debate

No, I’m not going to advocate yet again that we made the wrong decision. You already know that by now.

I’m pointing out something I remembered just now about it.

Many people in the draft threads said that we wouldn’t have to worry about whether we made the right decision or not about picking Goff over Fields and letting him go to a divisional rival because we got Penei Sewell, and that was worth the decision.

I’m here to tell you that you’re wrong.

Remember the Panthers offer for Stafford? 8, a 5th, and Teddy Bridgewater, as reported by Adam Schefter.

I think you know what that means.

“With the 7th pick, in the 2021 NFL Draft, the Detroit Lions select, Penei Sewell, OT, Oregon!”

“With the 8th pick, in the 2021 NFL Draft, the Detroit Lions select, Justin Fields, QB, Ohio State!”

We’d have had both of them.

We get Sewell in both scenarios.

What we don’t get in that scenario are the future 1st round picks and Ifeatu Melifonwu, so that will be a dynamic as well.

So let that buffer you had in your mind that kept you safe from the potential terror of that decision vanish away, and realize that you’re looking at the debate we will have for the lengths of their careers with their teams.

Now I know that many of you Michigan fans here and others think he’s a bust, and that’s fine, but the debate will play out nonetheless.

And for guys like me, @Richard_Parker, @farmerted and others, just imagine if we did that and tagged Golladay…

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We picked Sewell over Fields.


We picked Sewell over Fields on the clock when we already had Goff. We picked Goff over Fields in January, and we’d have gotten Sewell either way.

This is mainly hindsight. I doubt anybody in the front office thought Sewell would be on the board at 7 back then.

If you want to look at like we chose Goff and two future 1st round picks and CB Melifonwu over Bridgewater and Fields I think we easily made the right choice in terms of value. Only way to tip the value scale is if Fields becomes a superstar. Even if he does and Goff flames out we have a couple more draft assets to theoretically be able to get a QB.


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So you’re saying we made the right choice. Nice!


Don’t forget the 5th round pick. We could’ve drafted someone to serve as a viable backup and not ship him off for what we drafted him for to play that backup role and walk for nothing the next offseason.

We could never have known how the draft would fall.

If we take the Panthers deal we have Teddy B. (I just puked in my mouth), their 8th OA pick and their 5th.

What happens if the Falcons take Fields at #4?

We still take Sewell but then maybe WR D. Smith with Teddy B. as our starting QB? Yuck.

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The fact that QB needy teams like the Panthers, Broncos, and arguably Giants/Eagles all past on Fields says enough.

Get over it…

Title should say “A forgotten dynamic to the Jared Goff, Iffy, Plus 2 first round picks/Justin Fields future debate”


Traded a 2nd rounder for a young QB

Traded for Bridgewater to add to their young QB who they like the day before the draft

Believe in their young QB

Believe in their young QB

The fact the Broncos traded for Bridgewater over taking Fields is interesting. Maybe they thought the Lions would trade trade with someone to take him because they didn’t think Sewell would be there at 7?

Sam Darnold = Major Bust
Bridgewater = Career Backup
Drew Lock = Not a starter - team will give up on him very soon
Drew Lock = Not a starter - team will give up on him very soon
Jalen Hurts = Only possible argument… but I will give him this coming year to show anything…

I would look at these 2 names and interject that circumstance has a high impact on perception.

Ok I’ll give Darnold this coming season and we will see. So far he has not shown anything (outside of his first career game)

Bridgewater has been in the league long enough on enough teams.

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I like how it’s ok for the Panthers to pass on Fields because they have Darnold. The same guy whose best season is worse than Goff’s worst (I know I’m not counting Goff’s first half season). His college stats were also worse but somehow he’s now ranked higher.


But what if over the next five years, Fields goes to two pro bowls, a Super bowl and is one of the winningest QBs in that time…

Surely he would be considered a great one


You’ll feel better about all this when Fields reveals himself to be nothing special.


Looks like it might be a year before anyone finds out whether Fields can play:

I can play that game too. What if Goff is protected by the best offensive line in football the next 5 seasons and takes the lions to the super bowl? Do you still want Fields?

You realize that his what if is what Goff actually did?

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If ifs and buts were candy and nuts…

Lions probably would have traded their 7 + another pick to move up to 2-3 to get the guy they wanted over fields.

Not saying fields will suck, but I have no faith in him paired with Matt Nagy. Chicago will have a whole new staff next season and that will ultimately impact how well fields and the bears do after this season.

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