A fun little game for everyone to play - please join the fun

I thought we could have a little fun. Let’s play a game.

It’s draft night. Your fantasy league rules are you must draft a player from every team. Who are you drafting from the Lions?

Name the player and why you drafted him. Tell us what you liked about him.

Keep in mind once a player is selected then he’s off the board and the next poster must pick a different player. You can only pick one player.

Who are you drafting?

Matt Stafford or Kenny Golladay.
I’ll take Stafford.

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SS Tracy Walker. Rare length, I think he is a star in the making.

Yup - after this year, prolly Swift too

since stafford, golladay and walker are gone…i’ll take ragnow. one of the best young centers in the league. the quickest way to win in the nfl is build an elite offensive line. since pressure up the middle bothers qb’s more than edge pressure i’ll start there. in a perfect draft i’d get taylor lewan, quinton nelson, ragnow, zach martin and i’ll draft mayfield from michigan.

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With Stafford gone, he’s the next best building block on this team. For all the reasons the Lion’s drafted him this year, I would draft him, too. TJ would be my 3rd choice. (Ragnow is up there, too.)

Why would you draft Stafford when you can draft Mahommes or Rusell Wilson? …not that I’m saying Stafford sucks, it’s just that there’s better out there to draft.

I think you have to look at who is available from each team and who the best players are for each team. I’d think about drafting Golladay but if you can get Julio Jones, then who even knows who I’d draft from the Lions. Don Muhlbach maybe.

I think this blurb added a little confusion…

“Who are you drafting from the Lions?”

Sounds like he wants folks to say who they would pick from the Lions as the intent.


I am targeting Kenny between late 3 and early 5. I would be happy to grab Stafford in rounds 6-8 depending on your spot. Late 6-early 8.

Past that Marvin Jones is worth drafting between rounds 8-10.

Kerryon Johnson is a depth RB at this point. Best had after round 8 bit before rd. 10. Swift is a depth guy too but I would not touch Swift before double digit rounds as a handcuff.

TJ is a TE I am interested in. I would look late 9th rd. for TJ and I would consider that fine value. An upside pick.

Someone can’t follow directions … lol

Gimme Flowers

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Yes and for their fantasy football team. I hope you guys are in my league taking all these defensive players.

I guess this didn’t go like I expected it to. Maybe I didn’t set it up well… lol

I was expecting each person to name one player. The guy their drafting. Like they would on draft night. Then give a brief reason why. I thought it would be fun.

Oh well … it’s still interesting to see who and why I guess.

No, it was clear, people are just,well, “not dialed in” is my experience with most things these days…


Because I drafted him in the 10th round and…
"Who are you drafting from the Lions?"

Matt Stafford or Kenny Golladay.
"I’ll take Stafford"

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That was it. For me, it was a slight toss up between Staff and Golladay. I took Staff.

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i followed your rules…other peoples kids though…smh lol

Ah, it’s for fantasy football. In that case, I would obviously have chosen a player like Jones or TJ. I totally missed that and even wondered if it was for fantasy football or just some other exercise.

If the camera lens is circular, then how is the picture rectangular?

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Cephus isn’t a bad pick in dynasty leagues either. I would rather get Swift but Cephus I feel isn’t a bad investment for when you can get him.