A Kamala ties nfl record 6TD and Brees top 80K!

What a game!

and they crushed Vikes to do it and officially eliminate them form the playoffs!!

Next the bears need to go down

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Did your phone auto correct to Kamala? :joy:




Stupid phone :rage::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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Dude may have won me the ship.

The Bears probably won’t go down this week, they have the Jags. But hey, the Jets & Bengals got huge upset wins last week. It seems every NFL team except our lovable Lions can get a huge upset win late in the season.

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Works for me

Lose for Lance
Fail for Fields
Zzzzz for Zack!

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Well I’m glad I played Kamara LAST week in the playoffs…:sunglasses:

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I would’ve loved to have Kamara on my fantasy team this week. That was an outstanding performance.

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I tried to trade for him like 7 weeks ago. Dude lost his two qb’s to injury…start 2 qb lineup. I offered him Herbert. He said no, not bc he didn’t want to give up kamara, but bc he didn’t want me to have a super Rb tandem (had Cmac) little did we know CMAC would be out the entire year. So he loses out bc he never did find a qb replacement and I eventually lose out bc injuries got the better of my roster…kittles, mike Thomas…cmac…:joy::man_facepalming:t2::man_shrugging:t2: