A list of reasons we lost

AG is an idiot. Plain and simple. The lack of pressure today was a terrible gameplan.

Jacobs is not a starter, and he was 1 on 1 with DK all day? WTF

Injuries hurt. None more than Monty.

Overly aggressive. I love Dan’s aggressiveness. But today he took it to another level. Some 4th downs we definitely shouldn’t have gone for. Even though we did convert some.

Then we decided to not be aggressive? 4th quarter, midfield, they haven’t stopped us much. We decide to play for a FG? Total head scratcher

Let’s beat Atlanta next week! This one definitely hurt though


I’d rather see Chase Lucas. Actually I’d rather see Moseley but that apparently won’t happen.

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He may not be a good DC but he’s not an idiot.

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How can you not mention losing the turnover battle 3-0 which lead to 14 points for the Hawks? Should be #1.


You’re right. Losing the TO battle should be high up as well

It’s a complicated situation. You don’t want to leave Seattle even 30 seconds. So I get the initial running of the clock. Did they push it ten seconds too far. Maybe. Aggressiveness, I’d have to see all of the route combos to say that there weren’t aggressive options built into the plays.

IMO, losing the turnover battle like that made all the other things look bigger than they were. Neither unit played great.

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Ultimatley, that last gutless possesion lost the game. After all the giant balls Dan has, he decides to play for a FG and OT. They didnt even TRY to take a shot at a play 10+ yards downfield once they got in FG range. Wish I could say didnt see it comin, but I’ve seen this same shit comin for 50+ years, that pussy-foot last drive was vintage SOL


Exactly! The offense basically gifted them 14 points.

I can’t find any other reason why we lost then that.

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I need Marvin Jones to not be invisible. Not a single target when everyone was getting passes today (Antoine Green! got a pass today).

Honestly 3-0 on turnovers and we force it to OT is crazy to me. I also blame Jamo.

Marv appears cooked!

How we respond need week will say a lot.

Before the season, I would have felt great 2-1 after 3 weeks, knowing KC and SEA were tough

To end a game, a trailing team usually faces some form of conservative or prevent D…

Being at the opponent 45 with 2 timeouts and a prevent D, is far easier to match in on…


Gain 25 yards and EXECUTE a successful FG

Win coin toss

Drive 75 yards and score a TD

  • literally all that would have had to happen to first tie, then win in OT

Much of this fanbase still has the losing culture. I go over to the Chiefs board after we beat them. They got every excuse in the book. Jones holding out. Kelce injured. Toney playing like he’s on our payroll. They’re mad as hell we beat them.

Us. Oh we lost the turnover battle, we can’t win. Wrong. Try again.

Demand better. It won’t make a difference. But just do it anyway.