A little help from someone: Guide to playoffs & Rams draft pick

So, is there a thread, or can someone make one, this one or new one regarding who we need to win/lose for the playoffs and a correlating Ram’s draft pick.

I am all in on playoffs as it is more important.
Who do we cheer for/against to get us in the playoffs?
Who do we cheer for/against to improve the Rams pick?
Conflicting games?

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Regarding picks:
I think it’s unrealistic to hope for Houston winning more games, so we’re essentially hoping for the #2 spot. Since Chicago and Denver both have the same number of wins as LA, you’ll be rooting for them at least once to win.

Chicago has their bye coming up and only 4 more games (Philly, Bills, Lions, Vikes). Because of our trade with the Vikes, it’s always good to root against them, but especially when they play the Bears. The Vikes are the only win-able game on their schedule, IMO. (If they beat us, which I doubt it happens, the silver lining will be that it will improve the Rams pick.)

Denver is easier because they’re playing the Rams in a few weeks. We definitely will want the Broncos to win that game (assuming both teams lose the rest). Really, the more the Broncos win, the better.

Regarding playoffs, we’re rooting against Seattle, NYG and Washington. I’m not going to get into the who has to win or lose how many times, but basically 2 of them will need to do a lot of losing to our doing a lot of winning to get in.


Probably true but they do play Jacksonville again, and they’ve beat them once already this year. Then again, the coaches are probably not going to be trying super hard to scheme a win here since they want to preserve their 1oa pick. Tough to say which way it goes but it’s definitely possible they could win at least that one game.

Rams need to lose out

Bears & Broncos each need to win one more

Lions get No 2 overall


I probably tried to be a little too concise with that statement. Even if they win against Jacksonville, that’s only 2 wins on the year and they’re still picking #1. But… now that we’re looking a little closer at Houston, can they close out the year by beating both Jacksonville and Indy? 4 teams with a 3-win record?

To me, the most important piece is picking ahead of Chicago. We ~really~ want them to win against Minny. This might be the first time I’ve ever rooted for them.

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Minnesota may well have no motivation to win at Chicago in their last regular season game. The Eagle will have the top seed locked down, so resting key starters would make sense.

Isn’t it a beautiful thing that the once moribund Raiders are now on a 3 game winning streak going into Thursday’s game against the Rams?


It’s too early to look at tie breakers, but root for next week:
Detroit to win
Texans to beat the Cowboys
Eagles to beat the Giants
Panthers to beat the Seahawks
Buccaneers to beat the 49ers
Patriots to beat the Cardinals
Raiders to beat the Rams
Broncos to beat the Chiefs

All six bye teams are important teams for playoffs or LA Rams pick.


Thank you!

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We don’t need Chicago to beat anybody. If the Rams amd Bears both lose out, the Rams will be ahead of the Bears in draft order because of SOS.

The only reason Chicago is ahead right now is because they haven’t had their bye week yet. They’re half a game ahead of the Rams so the Rams can’t use their tiebreaker yet.

If the Broncos win and the Rams lose this week, then the Rams will be giving us the 2nd pick.


Carolina over the Seahawks this weekend would be huge. eagles over Giants and Raiders over Rams are absolutely crucial for their respective reasons.

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I feel smarter for having read your post.

Juuuust amazing!

Do we need the Bears & Broncos to lose one more? All that separates them now is strength of schedule and isn’t that always changing? I mean we had the 3rd pick last week, the Rams lost, and now we have the 4th pick. That means the strength of schedule was so tight it actually flipped those spots.

Looking at the Bears remaining schedule, they play a bunch of good teams so their SOS should only rise. I don’t know about the Broncos though I know they and the Rams play each other so it can’t be that great.

The Broncos magically dipped by 0.018 over this past weekend which is a sizable number.

It went from 0.488 to 0.470. They were at 0.492 the week before that for context. The Rams have held steady at around 0.490 all year. The Bears have been decently above 0.5 all year so I doubt they drop that much considering all of the NFC North is way above 0.5.

The lower SOS number gets the higher pick if records are the same.

We need the Broncos to beat the Rams.

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I wonder what would cause such a dramatic drop. The Ravens were a winning opponent, they shouldn’t have had much of an effect. Did everyone else they’ve played lose? The Raiders didn’t but the Chargers and Chiefs did. The Jags got hammered by us. Texans lost, but 49ers and Seahawks won. It doesn’t seem like the sort of week that should have that much of an effect.

I must have seen it wrong recently, because now it’s at 0.478. But still though, I have no idea how it fell off that dramatically.

If only they’d held on this week.

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Rooting interest this weekend:

Raiders over Rams
Eagles over Giants
Bucs over 49ers
Seahawks over Panthers

Week 15:

Packers over the Rams
Seattle over 49ers


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