A-Lynn finds a job


Good for him


Good for him and wish him well.

SF has a legit good team, almost made the super bowl, AL will be back as a head coach at some point, he just didn’t mesh with Goff’s strengths. AL has a winning record as a head coach. Him and Nagy have similar track records.


He did the demotion the right way and got a “promotion “


I knew this guy wouldn’t be out of work long. Clearly him and Dan had a philosophical difference.

Make no mistake this guys offenses have been darn good at running the football. I have to wonder with him gone if our run game will take a step backwards.

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That’s my concern.

If Fraley was all that, why were we just coming into our own with the run game this year?

I’m concerned but hoping for the best.

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With Lynn, the offense stunk.

W/o Lynn, and down Hock (and with Decker), it was better

I’m good w him gone. The Chargers offense looked a lot better this by without him too.

Trend alert.


Our own GM and HC blamed Goff for poor play early on but then said he played better down the stretch.

Was it Goff or Lynn?

Did losing his WR1 and WR2 (that he had coming out of camp) effect him?

Clearly there was friction on that coaching Staff and Lynn lost the power struggle.

Pure speculation but I kinda think that maybe Lynn had a hard time reverting back to being an OC after being a HC. That he likely over stepped his boundaries. There was a philosophical difference and Lynn lost the power struggle.

I think he’s a good coach and he will have success elsewhere.

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The 49ers run game is going to be ridiculous next year. Great hire for them in my opinion.

I think this is a case of 2 things can be true at the same time….

IMO… Lynn was a terrible play caller.
We don’t know all the details… but the offense was predictable and stale when he was running it.

OTOH… I do believe Lynn has valuable knowledge and input that can help a running game.

I had hoped he could bring some of the concepts the Chargers had used in the past few years… but it didn’t work out for whatever reason.

Kudos to him for handling this season as a pro and not being a distraction as MCDC went another direction…. because I do believe that helped when they did get some positive results towards the end of season.