A New B-Up Center Joining Us?

I believe so…


Keep combing the wire for OL, Brad. Stealing a solid one (especially OT) would be a godsend. Tough assignment though as everyone is looking for dancing Bears.

May I take this opportunity to introduce Colby Sorsdal.
Pay attention to his accolades.

Career highlights and awards


Would you be comfortable with a FCS rookie starting at tackle if injuries made that a necessity. Though I might also prefer it to Matt Nelson.


That’s who we’ve been running with.
Either we trust Brad or we don’t.
I do.

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20th round USFL draft pick?

Sign me up!

Named the BEST at your position in college but not deemed worthy of being one of 256+ draft picks.


Division II gonna Division II

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The ranks of NFL FA Cs is really thin:

The USFL draft is by position by rounds. So centers were all picked in the 20th round.
He was the first center selected.
It’s a bit of a weird way to do it.

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They tested Jake Lacina but ended up signing: Alex mollette

Is XFL or USFL considered better from a talent perspective.

They basically pulled in the 2 best centers from each and signed Alex.

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