A new name at safety

Tyrann Mathieu.

He’s on the older side, so I wouldn’t sign him for 4 years, but I’d argue he might be better than Marcus Williams and is a much better fit if they want to bring back Tracy Walker.

Also he’s going to be a great leader and culture guy.

I think we need to not be so scared about age with guys like him. The guy can play. Period.

I would be happy if they signed him or Williams. I just want one of Williams, Bates, and Mathieu.

For the record, this post is not reports or rumors of us being linked to him. It’s simply a writer’s opinions. I’m just posting it because I don’t think I’ve seen Mathieu’s name out here yet.

EDIT: I actually didn’t know he was only 29. I thought he was like 32 or 33.

Yeah I’d sign this guy.

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I don’t see it.

I doubt he’d want to come here. He will probably end up on a contender.

I doubt Dan would want him. I think we try to stay as young as possible

If we’re going to shell out big money for a safety then I’d hope that it’s Williams or Bates.

One guy who I think is a real possibility is Jordan Whitehead. He’s young and just starting to grow into his role as a strong safety. I really like Whitehead to pair with Walker or a Free safety draft pick like Daxton Hill.

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Goes against what i would do i am not looking at almost 30 plus DB’s we did that few years an they are spent as players for a full season sure few good games but all they do is eat cap.

Would I if we were solid contender an had the cap yes one year deal to try an win other wise pass


I really like Dax, his speed and versatility could be special with Glenn and Pleasant.


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