A pick Dan would want... Tyler Linderbaum C

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He moves really fast.

did Frank retire?

No but I like Players that are nasty.

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I wonder if a player in college will actually bite someone in the kneecap, thus securing his draft future with us.

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So for all you, “Building for the long term”, guys, who are all about getting talent, well, what if he’s there at #27? We just took a LT to play RT, why can’t we take a center to play OG? Yes, let’s wait until the 4th to get another WR, we all saw how easy that was last year.

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If he slid to the top of the 2nd – and that’s a possibility with a Center – you’d have to think about it.

But overall, I’m pretty satisfied with where the Lions’ o-line is at, particularly when healthy.

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In the 2009 draft we took Pettigrew at #19, the Browns took Alex Mack at #20. I couldn’t have been more pissed that we passed on Mack. BTW, at 35, he’s the starting center for the 49er’s.


how often is Rags injured to? IMO, this guy can help in the situations where Rags isn’t on the field.

Not overly emotionally attached. I don’t think that’s what they’ll do, but I wouldn’t be pissed if they did.

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Given the relationship Vaitai has with Sewell and how much they seem to like Jonah, I doubt they take a guard. Let alone in the first round.

But we didn’t think they’d go D line back to back last year either…


This feels like it was directed at me, so I’ll answer again as I answered before. I wouldn’t take Linderbaum because “building for the long-term” has to take into account what you have for the long-term. I never said I was straight BPA. I wouldn’t draft a RB at all in the first 3 rounds no matter how much I liked him because I don’t believe in RB positional value. The draft is not so black-and-white.

I’d love to draft a WR if the receiver was the best option available at 1b or 2 or wherever. But what if they’re all gone? Would you still reach for one because it’s so much of a need?

Actually, I would be pissed. Evan Brown has played well, we don’t need redundant players. I mentioned Mack for the BPA guys, the guys who insist that this ALL about “long term” plans. The guys who think that winning is less important than these supposed long term plans. If you aren’t interested in winning now then your best players just got a year older on a losing team. That’s2, you just laid out a plan that isn’t a plan, it’s whatever YOU think is best. What WAS directed at you is the fact that we could get no shit starters to fill our holes in 2022. When you read a mock draft, ANYONE’S mock draft, the writers justify the pick based on the perceived needs of the team. They don’t say, “I’d take this guy because of where he falls on my Top 100 board.” I would say outside of maybe the Pat’s, every team does this with at least 75% of their picks and more like 100% for the early rounds…they pick the best talent for the biggest need. It’s why in a bad draft for QB’s if these guys take one anywhere in the first 3 rounds I’ll be pissed and I don’t care who might have fallen. Would I reach for a need? Well, in this draft we have so many needs I can’t imagine that being an issue. If the WR isn’t there, how about the LB? If the LB isn’t there, how about the safety? If the safety isn’t there…get where this is going? I’ve posted before that we may not take a WR until the 3rd. I like several WR’s that are likely to be in round 3, and 1 or 2 LB’s as well. The point is THIS season our focus needs to be guys who are filling roles where they can plug and play, whether it’s the draft or FA. Next year, you want a QB or stockpile talent, we’ll be in a way better situation and the draft for QB’s will also be in a way better situation. If we take a QB from this draft in the 3rd, and I don’t care who might have fallen, I will seriously question WTF they’re doing.

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Lots of assumptions here. I don’t want to pick a center that plays guard, and I really don’t think they would. What I’m saying is I trust them more than I trust myself.

BPA approach…Can you trade the guy you drafted? Can you trade the current guy on your roster that fills the same need (Brees/Rivers)? What if you have Suh? Do you still pass on Donald? There’s gray area. it’s usually not as black and white as people people present it.

That’s just an assumption that you made up in your head. Nobody thinks that. If you go BPA, it’s not PURELY BPA…other things are factored in. It’s easy for us to pretend the ppl we are trying to argue with, debate with, get through to (if your more arrogant), etc. It’s easy for us to paint them as a bunch of morons that “just dont’ get it”.
If Backus is playing at a high level 4 years from now, but we recognize he is a human that will age…do we draft a T at some point, or do we just don’t draft a T because we already have one? Gray area. All people see it differently, and we get to build accordingly.

If you lean BPA, you will have a better roster over time, instead of just filling holes.

Truth here too. Injuries can happen, and NFL careers dont’ last forever.
That said, if you need T, WR, LB, S, whatever else. Go BPA at positions of need…and you DO need them all…You have a better roster over time.

One approach may get you playoffs quicker, but the other one is building something bigger and stronger over a longer time period. IMO, the “win now” approach gets you to mediocrity.

My bottom, bottom, bottom line…I’m 100% certain that Brad and Dan will do better than BigNatty and CasanovaJack1. LOL.

I don’t care how you feel about it.
I don’t care how I feel about it
it’s just opinions, and the truth is it will take 1-3 years for any of us to know what’s real. I won’t stress over it because we have adults running the show now.

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Actually very little of that reply was directed at you as That’s2 chimed in while I was posting, so I pretty much just kept going. And actually the quote about winning vs long term is exactly what DC said, but that was last year when there was no way we were going to be competitive. While he may say something again to that effect, what he actually does will be the answer.

Thanks for clarifying, man. I’m with ya. Gonna be fun to find out…for sure!
This is a great time to be a Lions fan.

I absolutely loved that class. Stafford was the no brainer at the top as Curry was never an option playing LB’er.

Before the draft I pegged Pettigrew and Delmas as future Pro Bowlers and thought Pettigrew could be a Jason Witten type TE.

He played well early in his career, but boy did he get mediocre fast. Delmas on the other hand was great, just couldn’t shake the injury bug.

As far as the whole Linderbaum discussion, every case is different. We have the best center in the NFL signed long term. We have a young guard in Jackson who is a pro bowl alternate and Vatai who is signed for three more years and they really like.

I would take O-Line, CB, RB, P, K, LS, NT, and TE out of our immediate needs high in the draft. As we get into late day 2/day 3 I think TE, O-Line, and CB become options. Whether you want to admit this or not, with Jared Goff the only QB under contract and Goff not the definite “franchise” QB, QB is an option.

Three of these positions, Edge, 3-4 DE, S, MLB, WR, and QB, will be taken with our first three picks. BPA at a position of need.

Pettigrew and Ebron came as advertised when it came to drops and injuries, can’t believe that they were considered first round material, esp BP who had 0 TD’s his senior season.

So you want a high pick to sit but have in case Rag get hurt.

2018 missed no game
2019 missed 1 game
2020 missed 2 games

This year he hurt his foot bad a tried to play but finally he an team said enough get it fix.
So your idea is to have a high pick pack up in case he misses any more games. 3 games in 3 years until this year. Thats a luxury an IMO would be wasted pick.

Also Brown filled in very well for Rags an we can keep him one more season. He is a RFA.