A Realist Read on NFCN Says Packers are Lion's #1 Threat

I like to reality check myself since fan-vision is like looking down an optimism tunnel when you’re high.

This very good look at NFCN looks at everyone’s off-season so far and makes realistic good points:

  1. Lions terrible defense was tied for the 2nd BEST in our division!! 427 PA Yikes. Leo’s top tier O added scary speed at RB and a TE who cuts on a dime then accelerates. So, the D just has to be mediocre to win 3 more games than last year. The secondary talent went from yikes to dam good in the off-season and we may have figured out how to stop the run. Top 5 O + Mid-tier D = NCFN Champ and playoffs.

  2. Packers had strongest defense in division (370 PA), Aaron Jones, Christian Watson & Romeo Doubs. Lions swept them but by a combined score of 35-25 (a whopping 17.5 points per game for the Ben Johnson offense). So, Jordan Love only has to be a solid QB for this team to finish better than their 8-9 last year. Defense travels.

  3. Vikings didn’t really address their defense which was as bad as the Lions (427 PA both). They gave up Zadarius Smith and just added DE Marcus Davenport. They gave Cousins more offensive weapons in the draft but should have been an 8-win team.

  4. Bears had worst O and D in the division but bought a star in WR DJ Moore, and added TE Robert Tonyan to go with Cole Kemet, 2 good OL (plus the kid they drafted early), and 2 bruising RBs to go with Herbert. Then on D they got 2 very good linebackers, a good DT and already have a stud safety Brisker. Like Jordan Love, IF Fields can just be a decent QB then they’ll steal a couple games.

So, there’s the realistic look. Defense tells the tale oddly enough.


We are going to be eating a lot of cheese!!!

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Have you guys noticed all of the press around Love?

PFT has been doing like 3 articles a week about packers leadership talking Love up.

Personally I feel like they are trying to convince themselves he can be the guy.

Really weird year for GB.


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Our early season Defense was awful…the latter half defense was damned respectable. The stats do not tell the tale here.


Yeah, we’re going to be stopped-up for quite awhile on that much cheese.

The Vikings have an offense that can compete with ours but their defense is complete trash. I still think they are slightly better than the Packers. The Bears have the worst roster in the NFCN


But all the Bear’s fans keep saying their QB is an MVP candidate. I can’t believe they are all delusional.

But our defenses were equal last year. I don’t think the Vikings are as good as us on offense.

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How many more points is the Packers defense going to give up without Rodgers converting a bunch of 3rd downs and NOT turning the ball over???

If Love can’t keep TOP in the Packers favor….
and he has more turnovers than Rodgers…
which is fair to expect…

edit to add….
Packers faced 200 plays on 3rd down….
and ended up converting almost 1/2 of them to 1st downs with Rodgers… 91 times including 4th down conversions…

the Packers defense is at a significant disadvantage compared to 2022.


Never fear… colon blow to the rescue.

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That’s a new term for “assholes”.
I guess I won’t quibble.


-Commish will have 2 hands
-Better at LB
-Better Health in secondary and DL
-Buggs for entire season
-Houston for entire season
-Better talent in secondary (by a mile)


Hutch in year 2 >>> Hutch in year 1
Harris back from injury…
Okwara fully back from Achilles….
Paschal back from injury fully + year 2 growth…


Very good chance we are the #1 offense in the NFL this year. OL has to stay healthy.

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John Fox! Best offseason addition! Oh and Barnes starting for sure! :wink:

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…and modified system halfway through. Will make us more versatile as well as having better cohesion…than the rookie safety too.

We still don’t know what the Viking’s offense will look like, will it include D Cook?

GB drafting 2 TE tells me everything that i need to know about Love.

More protection and a safety blanket.

Dude has yet to show anything worth while.

Im sorry pack dont scare me in the least.


no Erin, sorry right now, The Pack does not concern me. I don’t think they are better than us.