A reminder about this team

Fox made some silly comment about how the team needs to adapt to Patricia and hence the struggles. Bullshit. This wasn’t advertised as a rebuilding. Patricia was brought in to bring a playoff capable team to the next level. Instead, they’ve regressed to a point we haven’t seen in several years.


At THIS point, 6-10 would be a consolation.

It’s just incredible that this franchise gives us crap - not just every year…every DECADE


Just give me a win on Thanksgiving Day.
The season is over.
The team is shot.
Just play on T-Day while everyone is watching so that the family gathering doesn’t feel like a funeral.


And after the Jets game Rod Wood stated that the season is broken down in segments.
Each segment we were supposed to be getting better. A Patricia claim as well.
That has not happened. We have gotten worse.

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Funny that some turds come in segments too. This 2018 turd the lions have been producing is going to be oh, about 12 segments long the way things are going…

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Linebusy I’m with you, with one more win added… Win in Arizona also.
Thanksgiving for obvious reasons, Arizona because I’ll be at that one. I’ll admit it’s VERY hard to be excited about going tho

Literally my only hope every year I’ve been a fan.

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Nate’s post above is one year old today. You slap this into a present day thread and it fits. But agree with most in saying that Patty should and get one more year. Three years of no improvement, New direction time again.

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It definitely fooled me. Its kind of groundhogs day.

They were two 9-7 teams carried to 9 wins by stafford. BQ said 9-7 was good and it’s not. The problem I guess might be that BQ gave Caldwell that year to begin with…he drafted (Davis) etc to fit Austin’s specific scheme. BQ essentially reset on the fly in terms of key positions (DL, LB, Corner) when he hired Patricia. The elite franchises become of elite they are patient and don’t emotionally fire a regime 18 mos into an entire franchise restructuring. This team is so frustrating and it sucks watching them when some parts of the team are so good. But they are just gonna repeat the cycle if they get rid of Patricia and/or Quinn at this point.