A series of HC polls, please give me your candidates

As something to pass the time, I thought it might be fun to break down head coaching candidates into a series of categories and have polls to see what the favorite is in each category, then have the category winners face off in separate elimination polls.

Here’s what I’m thinking for categories.

Retired/TV commentators - Bill Cowher, Urban Meyer, Marvin Lewis, feel free to add more names here, that’s the point.

Retread - Caldwell, Crennell, Del Rio, etc

Offensive Coordinators - Bienemy, McDaniels, Garrett

Defensive Coordinators - Saleh, Joe Woods, Todd Bowles

Special Teams Coordinators - Toub, Coombs, etc

College Coach - Harbaugh, Saban, Malzan, etc.

Some of these coaches fit into multiple categories, and that’s okay. For instance, Garrett might win both the offensive coordinator and retread categories, it’s ok. After we have the category winners selected, the top two vote getters will receive a first round bye while the wildcard round proceeds.

Okay, give me some names! I’ll begin posting these polls tomorrow.

Marvin Lewis isn’t retired. He’s co-defensive coordinator for his friend Herm Edwards at ASU.

I’d add Shaw, Fitzgerald, Brian Kelly, Matt Campbell for college coaches.

I’d love Tom Allen but have no idea how interested he might be in jumping to the pros.


Lincoln Riley

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Hey, don’t worry about interest level, that’s what a good sales pitch is for and is well outside anyone’s scope of control. These are fan picks. No rules, just right. :slight_smile:

  1. Jim Harbaugh
  2. Marvin Lewis.
  3. Jack Del Rio

No one else. No rookie HC.


Joe Brady better be on the offensive coordinator poll. I also liked Tom Allen’s name being thrown out there yesterday.


I have my preferences but I have to admit I’ve been terrible picking our coaches. I loved the Patricia and Mariucci hires, I liked Marinelli and Mornhinweg.

I was lukewarm on Schwartz and Ross.

I flat out didn’t like the Caldwell hire.

Maybe I should just stay away from it.


those 3 were my pick—but i went marv lewis @1—delro @2—and harbaugh @3rdRGR

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Not vouching for him another name that might become available is Doug Pederson

I do wonder if it is say bienemy would he bring kafka with him as OC if Bevell is let go

HC: Jason Garrett, Jim Schwartz, Del Rio

GM: Troy Aikman

President: Marvin Lewis, John Fox

GM: Jim Caldwell
HC: Arthur Smith

Please let’s stop with the Jim Caldwell as GM nonsense. Yes Quinn made a horrible decision getting rid of Caldwell and replacing him with Matty. But he’s about as qualified to be GM as Matt Millen was. Stop with the sentimental stuff. This organization needs to be obsessed with winning a Super Bowl.

Peyton Manning HC.

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Matt Campbell HC

Peyton Manning GM

Need a contract guy who is not tied to GM go get players GM wants to support his HC an Staff

I like keeping GM away form contracts find players for HC an have contract guy get it done at same time looking after cap.

I think GM should be Player GM an Contract expert seperate…one has to know players an one needs to understand cap. Both need to work together for what’s best for team…Woods can stay look after the needs of team stadium stuff like that an PR work.

When you select a player based on cap an don’t really know how good or bad he is most times turns out bad. Or say we can’t cus of cap bad.

When you over pay cus you want a player bad…

Example on how could work an why I think its what would work best

When player GM who is like a scout comes to cap Guy says that FA would work well with are team I have discussed him with HC he agrees…can you find out what might cost an let me know if it can be done an what will it do to rest of moves we might want to make.

That keeps personal feelings when working on deals out of GM for players an you get both sides one effects on teams cap the plus an minus an how it helps team with agreement from HC.

That player GM is key guy who will hit waiver wire after talking to HC an maybe even scouts.

Scouts should contact first thing every morning early when wire is open an say if there is a player that HC an GM should look at an consider.

The days of HC an GM doing everything as if they know whats best I think are over. Things happen to fast . I think you can share the input an must be able to speak plus or minus on a idea an then GM makes the call on move.

I honestly don’t have any candidates. I don’t think any of the top guys would want this job.

LOL. You right. I just want that man involved with this team in some shape.

Hey, John Fox, haven’t seen that name pop up yet. Nice.

Hugh Jackson HC.


Mike Shannahan?

He’s old but he’s actually younger than Carrol and Bellicheck and only two months older than Arians.

You’d be almost certain to get a really good running game out of the hire and his system is perfect for Stafford IMO and I think he’d view Stafford in a very positive light.

It would clearly be a bridge hire (3-4 years max) but I think he’d give us a good shot at a quick turnaround. He wanted to coach again as recently as late 2018.


He took a Brian Griese led team to 11 wins and a Jake Plummer led team to 10, 10 and 13 wins. He showed flexibility with RGIII.

The more I think about it, the more I like it. We’ve long wondered what Stafford could be with a running game and I’d argue this move would be the best way to virtually guarantee we’d get one.