A-Shawn may be back on the market

Rams are broke. Can’t pay Gurley or Clay Matthews either.

I don’t think A’Shawn or the Lions are much interested in re-uniting. Wonder what the deal is with his physical, wasn’t he okay when he left? I’m guessing he signed something to that effect.

What is the deal with the Rams not being able to pay their players?

The deal is Covid 19 has slowed teams abilities to finalize physicals.

So teams like the Rams can fail a physical to get out of an agreed terms contract. Especially after the draft if they land a viable replacement.

I have to wonder if the Lions would try this with any of their recently signed FA’s. I also wonder if BQ anticipated that this might happen and that’s why we are sitting on 30 mil of available cap space.

Yep. Rams Total Cap Liabilities: $215,916,767

  • Top 51: $186,009,970

  • Team Cap Space: ($5,349,165)

  • Offense: $110,687,980

  • Defense: $74,019,990

  • Special: $6,987,000