A T-shirt changed John Cominsky's life, a text from Dan Campbell kept him with Detroit Lions

Cominsky made a brief foray into free agency this week, where he drew interest from other teams he declined to name. But he said Wednesday he always wanted to return to the Lions and got a text message from head coach Dan Campbell that helped seal the deal.

“Detroit was it all along,” Cominsky said. “We wanted to be here. We wanted to get what we deserved and we also wanted to be here at the same time, so there was a little balance there and Detroit called us with something solid and Coach Campbell sent me a text saying, ‘I’m dying to have you here,’ and I told my wife, ‘That’s it, I’m going to Detroit.’ So here we are.”


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Yea I seen this about 30 mins ago. Loved the story and his interview. Thought about posting it, but didn’t have time.

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I had the same experience after someone gave me a “Who Farted?” t-shirt. Ever since that day I feel like I have had a great grasp on exactly who farted in all situations and against all odds.

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I knew it was you!