A visit to Detroit & Ford Field from KC Pt of virw


Nice and fair write up instead of the usual old stereotypes.


That was well done and sincere. It feels more like an honest first person account and not something full of hyperbole and exaggerations. Id agree with his assesment quite a bit and judging from his pictures i was a few rows up above him. I would agree that there was a lot of respect between the Chiefs and Lions fans. Chiefs fans would cheer their team but did so politely and i didnt see any Detroit fans harassing Chiefs fans.


Very cool.

good read actually .

Good read to start my morning!

Thanks to the OP and writer!

I love writers who actually can write!!

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Wonder if they’re the chiefs fans that called security on the woman sitting next to me, they came and threatened to throw her out for swearing. Later on a lions rep in a suit brought 2 bags of lions swag for 4 chiefs fans, obviously a sign that they were the ones that complained. I sit 4 rows above the tunnel so they had to be close to my area.

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I liked that he was honest about the officiating.

I’d like to take my boys to a Lions game in a couple of years, but I’m concerned about @ssholes in the stands (irony intended). Don’t need them learning new vocabulary words they shouldn’t use.

They have a family section, but it’s in the upper deck.

I find it ridiculous that visitors can complain about profanity at an event they’re volantarily attending where emotions and alcohol are plentiful. Then get rewarded for complaining about a season ticket holder. She was obnoxiously screaming “cheaters” but the profanities were far less frequent.

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It seems like everyone here realizes the Chiefs are one of the best teams in the NFL. You have to respect that. As we all know, it doesn’t happen by accident.
I have no doubt that reverberates through the fan base.
The Lions not only hung with them, they lead much of the game. Funky calls, turnovers, the whistle (or lack thereof), we could easily have won that game and I honestly believe we would have if not for a couple screwy calls and non-calls.
That’s not the Chief’s fault. That’s the Refs.
The Chiefs are a battle tested juggernaut and among those teams that I don’t despise, and maybe even envy a little.
Great write up.


They’ve heard all the words already
Don’t concern yourself with whatever they might be exposed to
They’ll just learn that some do things differently than you do
And they’ll get that most of it is loopy. :crazy_face:


Jeez, I love yelling “they’re cheating” at opportune moments
Usually gets some laughs too
About as harmless as it gets

She probably said it 5-600 times throughout the game lol

No, they haven’t. And that’s the point.

How old are they?

3 and 4

Ah, that’s younger than I was thinking, kids that young at games are tricky depending on their level of interest and ability to stay entertained. I didn’t bring my daughter until she was 8, I get too into the games to have to actually parent while trying to watch lol

what a nice read.

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Well written story. Kudos to the writer.
You don’t see too many anymore that don’t try putting in some kind of sensationalism and or malice.
Stories don’t always have to tear off a scab or ‘stir the pot’ of the current hot topic.