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If the Lions win tonight their in first place if they lose their in last. Feels like a must win, statement type of game to me. I hope we come out fired up to take it.

I worry only about the refs and if they will allow the Lions to win a meaningful game vs the Packers on National TV.


You can bet we will be playing 11 against 17 tonight



You can bet on the “Fuck the Lions Squad” being in full force in NY tonight…
Not sure if you caught the PI no call in the Lions Chiefs game similar to the Dallas playoff loss or the No PI call in the Giants game late that they challenged and lost but both were head and shoulders worse PI infractions then the calls Dallas got on the last drive yesterday vs the Jets…When Dallas got the ball back I told my daughter get ready for the worst sequence of calls going Dallas’s way you will have ever seen …

The refs will keep the calls fair and even in numbers but not in down and distance and not in the same critical timing …Steering if and when the game can be steered .

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They called back to back calls against the Cowboys that put them in a tough spot. Then immediately erased those 2 calls by giving them that horseshit PI that gave them an automatic 1st down. It was sad to watch.

Yep…especially the critical timing part.

The officiating the last drive last night was ludicrous. There were flags on like 8 plays in a row.

They PI the Cowboys all the way down the field to inside the 10…then call a couple holds…1st and 30…and then PI to bail Dallas out again back inside the 10 with a 1st down.

When they should have been “letting them play” and only calling really obvious/egregious stuff and letting the players determine the outcome, the refs instead inserted themselves and called every single contact no matter how close/incidental it was.

Ricky Bobby
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Lane Victory
Victory Lions

I’m praying to baby Jesus tonight!


We coming at the Packers like a spider monkey! We all hopped up on Mountain Dew!


If you go to bed with itchy butt, you wake up with stinky finger

I usually come into this game optimistic. Today, it’s more like…Bring it on, MFrz. If you don’t, you’ll get crushed. If you do, there’s still a really good chance we beat you!



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