Aaron Glenn Deserves To Be a Head Coach?

Aaron Glenn, DC, Detroit

Full disclosure: As defensive coordinator of the Lions, he’s not one of those guys whom you look at and say, “Wow! Look how much the defense did the minute he took over.” That hasn’t happened. Detroit this season ranked last in total defense and allowed more points (427) than Chicago and Arizona.

But if you go down the list of what you’re looking for in a head coach – leadership, building relationships, hiring the right people, managing them well and motivating players – he’s strong in all those areas. He has all the qualities the best coaches in this league have, which means he’s someone owners and GMs absolutely should be talking to.

I’m close to some of the people in Detroit, and I’ve met Aaron. There is a presence about him. When he walks into the room, you feel it. I had that same sensation about Reid when he came to Philadelphia. That doesn’t mean I’m comparing Aaron to Andy, because I’m not. But Aaron is somebody who seems bigger than he actually is just by his mere presence, and I feel that when I’m around him.

If you’re compiling a list of candidates who match up with the league’s most successful coaches, Aaron Glenn deserves to be on it.

About Aaron Glenn

  • Years as DC: 2
  • Record as DC: 12-21-1
  • Lions’ average defense rank (yards) under Glenn: 31st
  • 2022 Defense DVOA ranking: 28th
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This is written by the former GM of the Eagles, Joe Banner. He originally hired Andy Reid in Philly.


I said in another thread I thought he had a chance to be a better head coach than OC because of the reasons Banner listed. Like LaFleur and McDermott.


We have talked about Glenn plenty around here about whether he should even keep his job. It is clear that he is thought of very highly around the league. I know it was mentioned in other posts, and by other people, but I think Glenn would make a really good head coach. He has the personality for it and he appears to be an excellent teacher and leader of men.

He really needs to work on his scheme/play calling. Glenn is honestly one of the most interesting storylines for me to watch next year. I have a ton of confidence that this defensive roster will have enough talent in 2023 to be a top 15 unit. It will be up to Glenn to get them to play to that level.


This is the second time this week I’ve heard this. One of the Detroit guys was talking about why Glenn is getting interviews and Duce doesn’t seem to be. Guy said essentially the same thing…Duce is kinda quiet and soft spoken. And Glenn isn’t ‘loud’, but when he enters a room, you know it. Commanding presence.



It’s not hard, when you give AG one of the least talented defenses in the league and it performs like one of the worst defenses, it’s what’s expected.

The bad DC’s are the ones that have been given a talented team and they performed poorly. Minnesota, GB, Seattle, Miami.

If you’re going to evaluate Glenn, you need to give him the resources and see how he does.


I would be shocked if AG got a head coaching job. I just don’t see an owner hiring a guy who has lead back to back defenses that have ranked nearly the worst in the nfl. Good luck selling your fan base and season ticket holders on that.

On the other hand, I’d love the 2 - 3rd round picks the Lions would get! Then hire Vic Fangio!


Performance as a coordinator or position coach Damn near has nothing to do with head coach success.


Disagree, several of the top head coaches even call plays.


Mike McCarthy was the OC of the 49ers and finished dead last in both points and yards. Green Bay hired him to be their head coach to replace Mike Sherman.


I don’t think he will this offseason, but if we have the kinda year we’re all hoping/expecting to have next offseason, our staff will start to get picked over.


Now all we have to figure out is did Mike McCarthy ruin the career of Aaron Rodgers or did Aaron Rodgers ruin the career of Mike McCarthy. Or were they both born losers?


I look forward to the day when we can make fun of Lions coaches that have won super bowls. haha


What great tight end did Dan Campbell coach?

How about the 6-10 Minnesota Vikings defense the year before Mike Tomlin got promoted?

How about the worst defense in the NFL that Mike Vrabel coordinated of before he got hired?


All good points… but then look at some of the best teams the past few years. Several Head Coaches calling offensive plays. So there are 2 sides to that coin.


4 league MVP awards and 1 lousy Superbowl showing. Brady has 10. Peyton has 4. A big reason is that Green Bay can’t draft their way out of a paper bag. But the winner gene is not prevalent in Wisconsin.

I think hed be a better HC than defensive coordinator.


Haha common now @socko, I ■■■■■■■ hate the Packers but they have won 2 super bowls and played in several nfc championships in my lifetime. As a Lions fan, I’d be pumped to win a single playoff game. I’m jealous of the Packers success to be honest.

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One of those was with Favre and Holmgren. Winning anything with Favre is impressive as he’s just as likely to throw it to the other team. But those teams had talent outside of QB. They just had to keep Favre from posting d*** picks and ripping off the poor.

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Haha remember how much Madden loved Favre… I wonder what he’d say today if he was still alive!?