Aaron Glenn Deserves To Be a Head Coach?

I agree with this and I like Glenn as a person. He’s easy to like.

This here is where I draw the line between good coach and good person. AG looks in over his head scheme wise. He’s struggling and it shows on the field.

He’s not ready to be a HC. I don’t think he was ready to be a DC.

If we lost him I don’t think it would be a big loss. I really feel Dan needs to get him help on the coaching side. An experienced mentor would go a long way.

This article basically says that the results aren’t there but I like him…. So let’s make him a HC…. It rarely works that way … more often than not it’s a dumpster fire…… see Matt Millen.


tbf i do think our abysmal first half is why its ranked 31 (By most metrics, i think during our 8-2 strech the defense was playing lights out, aside from the Panthers game, only one where they really shit the bed)

Injuries were a cause, and Aubrey Pleasant also seems to have been an issue aswell.

year 3, we add more talent (espically to the DB room, dear god), and we can judge him more.

If its still playing like a 30th ranked defense, he deserves to be shit canned, play around like 16th (Middle of the pack), then we got something cooking

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If I was interviewing Glenn, I’d have a lot of questions about what happened with Pleasant?
Capers didn’t return either. They also fired the linebacker coach from 2021. AG has had a lot of turnover on his defensive staff. Why is that!? Are they not on the same page? Some people say well they don’t have enough talent. Well probably true. But then why do they keep firing defensive coaches if it’s only a talent issue?


You don’t finish dead last unless you have bad coaching.


Eh, it’s a mixed bag. There is a notion in the NFL that is moving around there this year that just bc of you being a good coordinator doesn’t mean you are gonna be a good head coach. It is a different skill set. Now there are guys who posses all the attributes (ie: Ryans in San Francisco) but it is also explains why someone like kellen Moore hasn’t gotten any serious HC looks. Or why the chargers HC was being thought as someone who might get fired bc he was not getting the most of his talented team and he is lacking in some of the organizational and leadership criteria. Call it the dan Campbell effect but ownerships are focusing more and more on leadership qualities


from all reports, it seems that AG is very hands off in terms of coaching, actually installing gameplan to certain parts of the defense

AP was in control of installing AG’s defensive plan and scheming in the secondary and passing game, but issues arose, espically the Miami game, where the DB’s were not jamming up the WR at the LoS. Basically it seemed AP was not communicating/not implementing Glenn’s Gameplan, which eventually led to his firing

We finished 2nd last, so yeah checkmate/s

But yeah that first half, looking at stats, was uhhh

abyssmal by every metric, second half, defense actually turned shit around (still gave up alot of yardage in the pass game, but were playing with a fire under their ass for sure, Bend but dont break)

I do think AG isnt good though, but we do have some lack of talent still (CB room is yikes as hell, Safety play has been inconsistent, Kerby is a rookie though, and its his second year full time at safety still adjusting a bit, Elliot was solid throughout the year outside of a injury)

Yea there are 2 different ways to do it. Both can work. Bill Cowher style or Andy Reid style. Rams won the super bowl last year for example. McVay calling plays. NFC Championship last year, both Shanahan and McVay calling plays.

Ben Johnson is being interviewed by several teams because he’s a talented OC who would most likely call plays. And even Dan Campbell last year when the offense turned around was calling plays. Leadership is very important, but X’s and 0’s are just as important.

Not necessarily. There is the rumor he would try and take tanner.

This is some of what I’m referring to. People in the nfl are getting tired of chasing the hot assistant unless they also possess the HC qualities necessary. Lafluer is a great example of a coach who isn’t considered a great HC and more the product of a really good team and Qb.

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This is still funny!

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But even in your example above, Sean Payton has always called the plays. It can work both ways though. There is more than 1 way to skin a cat as they say.

You are focusing on the small % of successes and that is my entire point. Most of the time it doesn’t work. The ones that work are the ones who also have the necessary qualities of leadership and organization and problem solving that a CEO would need. AG possess these qualities. duece doesn’t. AG’s biggest issue is he overthinks.


But it isn’t a small percentage…Check out this list…like half of them are head coaches that call plays.

It is a small list. McDaniels was rumored to be out if he didn’t make the playoffs. Kliff is out in Arizona. Lafluer is not regarded as the reason his team win a but rather he was born in 3rd base. You can make the argument for Reid, McVay, shanahan, pederson and the eagles coach who was a ST coach and like John Harbaugh possessed all the qualities necessary. So 5 guys out of 32.


This picture says it all.



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Rodgers is like, "dude, just stop talking.":laughing:

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Watching him during/after the Quay Walker ejection, he didn’t seem to have the right mindset and attitude. Very yelling and shaming. That kind of style can work in small amounts but if that is his primary style, no wonder they don’t have a lot of grit and guys are checking out.

Seems to work pretty well for some teams…all 4 teams in the nfc and afc championship last year had the head coach calling offensive play. Bengals, Chiefs, Rams and 49ers.

Such a strange hill to want to die on. Some OC’s make excellent HC’s. Never denied it. The % show that most don’t….,and more
Importantly the NFL is now focused on more then just being a good Oc. Hence why AG is getting looks and he might get a job.