Aaron Glenn Revenge Game

When defensive coordinator Aaron Glenn first faced the Seattle Seahawks in 2021, his team allowed 497 yards of offense and 51 points. The following year the two teams faced off again, and Seattle continued to assert their offense. This time, the Seahawks managed 555 yards of offense and 48 points.

All I heard all week from AG was how he needed to get the “taste of out of his mouth” and "our guys will be ready to play. They’ll be ready to play.” The results? He unit only gave up 28 first downs, 37 points and nearly 400 hundred yards to Seattle’s offense. You really showed em coach!!!

When franchises like Seattle have such a massive advantage at the coaching spot, it’s hard for the Lions front office to “out talent” that massive gap.


Well technically his unit only gave up 31 points, Goff’s pick six covered the other six points.
Other than that, spot on.

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Two missed field goals that a guy doesn’t usually miss.

He was robbed of a point.

What frustrates me is that Tampa showed everyone last year how to beat Geno and every team that adopted their approach beat Sea. The Rams literally dismantled Sea last week.

The key was to send 5 defenders on obvious passing downs and vary who the blitzer is. Sea has done a very poor job of picking up blitzers and Geno makes mistakes when a blitzer is baring down on him.

On offense the way you attack their defense is over the middle. Sea routinely struggles to pick up TE’s and RB’s who sit down in the middle zone.

So how many times did AG blitz’s and send 5?…. Just 3 times all game. We blitzed Mahomes more than Geno Smith who had two starting OT’s out.

Most of our passing success did come over the middle so Ben at least got that Memo.

Me and @CuriousHusker had some discussion about 4 blitzes vs 5… I’m curious what his after thoughts are now?

I am very disappointed at the lack of sacks this team produced today. Especially against an OL that had 3 starters out most of the game. Our guys can’t win against backups?

Lastly I’d like to say that one of the times we sent 5 Geno dang near threw a pick, another time he threw it away and got an intentional grounding call. The 3rd time he dumped the ball off quickly for an incompletion but a penalty by the Lions gave him life.


Our scheme is a dumpster fire.

  1. We are asking Sutton (a nice CB2 ) to be CB1, and asking 4 un-drafted FAs to play paper rock scissors for CB2 (Moseley, Jacobs, Dorsey, Gilmore)….

  2. We paid Buggs, trade a lot to move up for B Martin, and kept Levi O on the roster, and yet keep starting Benito Jones?

  3. We successfully moved Hutch around into a 2 point, got a crazy sack streak from Houston to end last year, and got OLB Edge C Harris back…. AND DECIDED TO PLAY THEM ALL WITH THEIR HAND IN THE DIRT?

  4. We often got pressure with Comish inside (last year) and 2 edge guys, and we keep lining him up at edge where he’s not getting the corner… EVER

  5. We drafted an off ball LB in round one, and continue letting AA over run plays.

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BuT It’s THe PlAyErs

You think he would have tried running at least once what worked so well last year for the D-Line. But nope, he’s Aaron Glenn, the worst defensive coordinator since Greg Robinson.

Here comes AG, ready for Atlanta.

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My thoughts are more or less the same. I thought we would win on the edges. We did not. I don’t think we’re particularly skillful at blitzing so I don’t share your confidence that your approach was some panacea. I mostly am just frustrated that we couldn’t beat fringe NFL tackles given that we’ve thrown a fair amount of resources into edge.

I totally get and respect that you disagree, but I think the execution was more problematic than the approach.

Joe barry has taught me it doesnt matter the quality of players

if your scheme is shit, your players wont be in positon to make plays and looks worse as a result

AG needs to get his head out of his and adapt

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Execution was definitely poor.

I just find it insane we blitz Mahomes more and the fact we had some success with it on Geno when we did. Yet we only tried 3 times.

AG had the blueprint and didn’t even try to execute it.

Had he gotten burned just once doing it I might buy an excuse that we couldn’t execute it.

But the truth is he had success doing it and that’s how everyone else was beating them.

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And one of those times should have been a pick six from their red zone


and the used Branch as the blitz package, not even an LB like Barnes, who we know can blitz

just baffling stuff from AG today


Credit to you Air. You called this during the week that they should have blitzed when I and others were calling for them to just rush 4. I overestimated what this line could do against backup tackles.

The problem wasn’t starting the game rushing 4 because it’s a sound strategy when you’re playing a beat up offensive line even though, as you illustrated, Geno struggled against the blitz but Glenn made zero adjustments when it wasn’t working. That was where he failed.


How about the Montgomery fumble in easy scoring territory?


If the O coordinator was as smart as Glenn, he would have had Sewell running that and no fumble.

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I outlined to my buddies exactly what the Lions defense needed to do to win the game…they did exactly the opposite. They made Pete Carroll a very happy man. Seattle should send Glenn the F’ing game ball. Even when it was painfully obvious what Seattle was doing, Glenn made zero adjustments and our entire defense looked like chumps.

Glenn might be Campbell’s buddy, but this team has too much potential to flush it down the toilet. Turn the defense over to Fox, or the guy on the 50 yard line, or Helen FREAKING Keller, none of them could do worse.



So no answer. Figures.

AG wasn’t good, but the offense gifted 14 of those 37 points to the Hawks