Aaron Glenn Revenge Game

You would think with a 3 phaze guy like Harris we would’ve better.

Glen’s most effective play call was rushing only two at one point…

Think Big Brain GIF

Wow, we’re really asterisking now. Where does it end? What if the defense has a short fiend? Does that not count if the other team scores? What if there’s a bad penalty called against the defense? Do we asterisk that too? Or what if they play with a missing starter - do those points given up not count?

The last drive of the 4th quarter the Seahawks D got dealt a raw hand. Offense only needed 50 yards to score with over a minute and half with all 3 timeouts. To the 3rd ranked offense last year, and you’re on the road. And they did what a PLAYOFF team does - they got a freakin stop. No fans going “oh but they got gifted a short field, it doesn’t count” whiny BS. That’s what a playoff team does. And people can asterisk everything they want with him - but right now the Lions don’t have a defense that can do that.


I actually liked that at the time. I know it doesn’t feel like it, but IMO this Glenn is preferable to riverboat gambler zero blitz AG. Obviously a middle ground is preferable.

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