AB at it once again

At what point does the league give him a timeout?


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Sports Illustrated has reviewed screenshots of the texts and confirmed that they were apparently sent from the same number Brown used to communicate with the artist in 2017, which was provided to her in a direct message from his verified Instagram account. Brown’s lawyer, Darren Heitner, who was included in the group text but did not respond to the messages, said he had not advised Brown to communicate with the woman. He otherwise declined comment. <

He included his f*cking lawyer in the same group text that he posted pictures of her kids??

This guy …

I hope she gets millions more for defamation.

I wonder what AB’s wife thinks of all this?..I hope she takes the rest of his money.

Not trying to defend this POS, but I give him props for trying the “Naked Man”.

If we learned anything from his texts, she gonna hafta fight the baby momma first. Baby momma sounds like she is the one running the show there

Im all for innocent until proven guilty. Ill even concede that the first rape accuser could be just squeezing him for cash. This story to me didnt even seem that bad. Yes, its truly pathetic he resorts to hiring women to do work and then tries to ambush them with naked stunts. Im not saying any of that is right, whatsoever.

However, his response to the behavior shows how truly screwed up this guy is. He goes after the first woman for chasing his money. Then he goes after this woman and insults her and her kids saying its all about money. Its clear that with AB, he can do no wrong. He thinks every woman is either wanting him, or just trying to string him out for money and when he doesnt get his way he resorts to public calling out to try to explain it away.

This dude is messed up

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But he’s not wrong, they are after his money.

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yeah well he doesn’t have to behave like a class A Douchebag all the time . that ego filled putz just wants the spotlight on him. “hey give me attention!”

In this latest bit, the artist woman’s lawyer points out she’s never asked him for money and states she never will.

The bottom line is he’s in violation of the league’s personal conduct policy by sending these texts, specifically asking for “Eric B” to “investigate” her personal life. And including pics of her kids? That’s harassment and he’s in clear violation of league conduct policy. He ought to be suspended. And if the Pats had the backbone they’d just cut him now.

It’s clear he’s suffering from either a personality disorder or other mental illness or has a brain injury from playing the game. Could be he’s just dumb as rocks and has a huge ego too. In any case, he should be away from the game for a while to get his life together and accept any help he’s willing to receive.

There is a worst case scenario out there, that AB does something soon or in the near future that results in serious harm to someone (obviously if he raped the personal trainer it’s already happened and he belongs in prison, not the NFL).

Is he capable of putting a hit out on someone, for example? His pattern of behavior suggests it’s not out of the realm of possibility. Dude needs to be straightened out big time, and now.

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I could have warned Robert Kraft that this would not have a happy ending.


You should have, wouldve saved him time and money in the long run.

You want the NFL to discipline a player and the organization to cut him because you don’t like his text messages?

And he’s been cut by New England.


Patriots have released WR Antonio Brown.

AB tweeted, “Thank you for the opportunity @Patriots #GoWinIt.” ProFootballTalk confirmed that Brown has indeed been cut by the Patriots. The move comes amidst increasingly disturbing reports regarding Brown’s involvement in various sexual assault accusations. The Patriots will move forward with Josh Gordon, Julian Edelman and Phillip Dorsett in 3-WR sets.


It has nothing to do with how I feel about his texts, the NFL has a personal conduct policy that expressly prohibits harassment not only in house but outside of work as well. He should have gotten suspended for threatening Mayock. Now he’s sending harassing texts to a woman who went public with some of his behavior, not asking for money, but probably revenge on some level. So what. He has a conduct policy he’s broken multiple times and hasn’t gotten punished for it. Same could be said about a number of thugs in the league. It’s about time they start enforcing that policy strictly. Do what the hell you please when you’re out of the league. But so long as the policy is in place it should be enforced. Now I see the Pats have cut him. Good for them. Goodbye millions of dollars AB, maybe one day soon you’ll be a broke ass too.


So you wish for another man to be broke. That’s sick.

C’mon Wes, you know the context of that remark. It’s AB’s favorite insult being tossed back at him. If you read my earlier posts, I said the guy needs a break from the league and help with his mental health. It’s his karma right now. It’s up to him to change.

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And Brown may even get his $9m signing bonus, and I suppose the last laugh. Nine million bucks for one game?? According to Florio, who was a lawyer, it’s not a given Brown won’t get the signing bonus. I am shocked Bill would issue a contract to a guy like AB without structuring the bonus on a prorated basis, if that’s kosher with the collective agreement.


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I am just so sick of this saga. Dude is just making a joke out of the league during its 100th anniversary season. And it’s really the league’s own fault for letting things come to this. Lots of karma to go around. I think I’ll just focus on my own. And follow the Lions only, who don’t seem to have any knuckleheads aboard right now. FFS.