Abdullah Officially Cut

And WR Bruce Ellington signed to his roster spot.

I guess that shows what his trade value was…another great Millenhew draft pick down the tubes.

I hope the fudge packers sign him to return kicks since they got rid of Montgomery.

Guess we know what they think of Riddick’s ability to get open from the slot position against DBs as opposed to out of the backfield vs LBs…

Fine with me on Riddick, he needs to be used correctly and it was clear he can’t be a slot guy.

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I assume the fumble lead to this but is AA really the worst player on the team?

I hope this doesn’t leave us thin at RB.

They also resigned Zenner fwiw

What a waste that Abdullah never lived up to his potential. Maybe he’ll get a fresh start and do well.

He may do well behind a solid line.

Sure. Then as soon as he gets hit, he will fumble, and everyone will know THATS why he got cut.

Can’t wait to play him!


This says to me the Lions brass are becoming politicians.

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Getting a little sick of the rebuild.

Dude had fumbling issues though, he had ample chances.


True enough Winni, just wonder about the timing. They seem to have become reactionary. They had his back a week ago, then after the Minny debacle he’s put on the alter for slaughter. And they bring Zenner back to take his spot. Just weak really.

I think he would do well in Atlanta

Could this be driven by special teams? Zenner’s a special teams contributor (on coverage) in a way that AA wasn’t.

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Good! Let Ameer have a shot on another team. I will not miss his fumbles. It was rough seeing him ride the bench all year and eating up about 1.5M of the cap.

Can’t seem to cure that bad case of fumble-itis. That crap’ll get you no where fast. Seem like a lot of the projects/prospects left over from The Mayhew era are disappearing …