Abject's Fantasy Football: Lions make Playoffs 8-8

How?! lets smoke that bong… eat some pizza and let our mind’s wander in fantasies …

TB must go 4-0 or 3-1
LA can go 4-1
SF, Arz, Bears, vikes all must go 2-3
Lions must go 4-1 (I wasnt stoned enough to let them go 5-0?!)

there many several “Key wins” other teams must do to make this work …

for week 13… here’s what must happen… one game off and we cant do it!!

  • We beat the bears
  • TB has a bye
  • The games between LA/ARZ, Jage/Vikes and Buff/SF can actually go either way but I picked these outcome as they make other games easier to pick for me…

ARZ wins, Vikes win and Buff wins…

in this five week scenario if we loose to the bears, they get in at 8-8

so, lets see if it happens!!

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I’ve been on the QUINTRICIA Hate Train since the Jets game. I’m ready for some REAL Lions football: backing into the playoffs.


Unfortunately, that Mitch Turbisky you saw last night. Make it 4TDs and 350 yards on Sunday to squash any hopes that you may have. LOL!

A sane person can’t argue against that, those are close to Mighty Mitch’s numbers from the fourth quarter in the Lion’s week 1 collapse.
But can you consider a Lion’s fan sane?