About Eze? Please tell me

Honestly, I’ve never even heard of him before the last episode of Hard Knocks. He looked, to my untrained eye, a touch undersized. But google knows! His listing says he’s 6 7" and 325 pounds. That is plenty big enough!

What can we expect? Will he make the team? or PS? I don’t know anything about him or the depth to our OL so I kindly ask the DEN!?

Thank you!

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No shot at making the team.
Would be surprised if the Lions don’t offer him a PS contract.
He’ll probably have several options for PS.


I felt like he lacked aggression, though he appears to have the talent.

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here is draft report on him… and it seems pretty fair for what I watchednof him. He has pterodactyl like wingspan… but still pretty raw. He might be 2-3 years from being good enough (and may never get there)… but his traits will likely keep him on a PS to develop.


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Seems like his wife has the right attitude to play for MCDC.


From what I’ve seen, he’s not explosive, he kind of rolls into his moves. A whiff or two in the Indy game. H’es not ready this year. He’s either an outright cut or one of the last ones on the PS, I’m thinking. He has a long way to go.

well it almost looks like he doesn’t have the leg strength. I mean it’s just observational but he doesn’t have much muscle mass in his legs to my eyes.


Kind of like Ziggy, he is pretty new to the game. Think you could safely store him on the PS. Doubt he would be poached by another team. He’s raw and maybe next year.

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If any staff can get it out of him, it would be this one. That being said I feel like he is a waste of resources and will suck up too much coaching time if one of the vets doesn’t take him under their wing. I am not a fan of this roster decision.


That scene on hard knocks of him being called out and saying he wasnt cheating anyone was painful. I was thinking the exact same yhing, unless frank and decker take him under their wings and he truly wants to make it than i would just show him the door…

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I think that scene had more to do with English being his second language. He seemed confused by fraleys question. He’s probably like… “how do you cheat yourself?” Makes no sense.


If that is the reason it looked that way okay but that doesnt explain the disengagement and lack of drive on the reps that led to the callout.

How does the practice squad work? Can any team take guys from any practice squad? Are they ‘protected’ by the team that signs them? Can the team that owns their rights match another teams ‘offer’?
I have to think that they shouldn’t/can’t be denied an opportunity to be a roster player.

I think that was a good example of how far he has to go as a player. Everybody watching has heard that question enough times to know what the correct answer is. He just didnt know because he is knew to it all.

If they are serious about this kid I think they need to consider hiring a consultant like LeCharles Bentley used to do. Not sure if he is still doing it. I remember Larry Warford worked with Bentley while in Detroit. They even watched game film in season together, and prepped for upcoming opponents.


I would love to see what you’re seeing here, brother. If you’re feeling up to it, I’d love for you to explain. No pressure though.

This gives a pretty good breakdown of PS rules (and other stuff).

When are NFL roster cuts 2022? Deadline date, rules, practice squad salary & more to know | Sporting News.

Thanks. That was helpful.

Exactly! Eze had no idea what Fraley was getting at.

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He has potential due to his size. But he needs 2 years in an NFL weight room plus the corresponding training and practice. He had never seen a football 7 years ago

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He is a project as others have noticed on here. He looked constantly gassed on hard knocks and so no way he makes it to the 53. He should be on the practice squad and if he becomes a workout warrior, he’s got a chance. Seems like a high ceiling guy that just needs time and hunger.