About Pre-Season....?

Think Coach regrets not playing Goff with the ones for more then just one series? I could be wrong, but i think they only played one complete series in the first pre-season game and nothing after?

For fuck sakes, we were 3-13 last year. Why rest them? Seems like some of the problems (wrong routes, dropped passes) could have been prevented if more practice, breeding familiarity. But what the hell do I know.


You are. :wink:

with half the team injured. ppl were criticizing them for playing vatai, cuz he got hurt. Can’t win with fans.


I wonder how many series, J Allen, J Burrow, R Wilson played in the pre-season…? Maybe only a series or so. But the difference, they’ve all won big games. Sure Goff has won big games, but not with us.

Wilson didn’t play a single snap and he hasn’t won a single big game with the Broncos.

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You’re correct here, there’s no pleasing everyone. That being said, I do think there’s value in letting the first team gel a bit with a new offense in the preseason.

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I do think the timing issues were an issue of not enough live game time in the preseason and did wish they had more time. I also think these will be corrected fairly quickly.

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