Adam Schein: Ranking NFL's 'WOW' moments from wild Week 15

6) Detroit ain’t Lion

The Jets’ defense is no joke. Jared Goff and the Lions’ prolific offense were stuck in the mud, with six points scored in the first 58 minutes of game action. But Dan Campbell’s team never quits. These are NOT the same old Lions. They have flair, they have heart and they most definitely have guts – which leads us to the play of the game …

At the two-minute warning, Detroit trailed 17-13 and faced a fourth-and-1 at their own 49-yard line. With the Jets geared up to stuff the run, Lions offensive coordinator Ben Johnson dialed up a brilliantly designed tight end delay, allowing Goff to hit a wide-open Brock Wright for a 51-yard catch-and-run touchdown. This coming just a few snaps after Wright had dropped a wide-open pass to start the drive. Confidence! Resilience! Redemption! These are your 2022 Detroit Lions!!

The Lions were 1-6. Now they’re 7-7. And I think they end up in the playoffs. What a story.

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How could he say “they have guts” instead of “they have grit”. It says what he knows about us.


Schein had the Lions as one his surprise teams before last season started because he believes in Dan Campbell.

He’s not a recent bandwagon guy.


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