Adoree Jackon cut, that’s a shocker

I’m wondering if they are going to try to bring him back for a lower cost. Paying $10M for a guy with availability issues is a little steep.

Now this is a guy who I would seriously look at. Has been a very good player in the past, but couldn’t shake the injury bug the past couple seasons. Give him a one year prove it deal and let him compete with Okudah and Amani to see who is 1, 2, and 3. If he excels then we can re-sign him next off-season as he is only 25 and if he doesn’t play well he is gone.

Titans released CB Adoree’ Jackson.

Jackson had been set to play under his fifth-year team option. Those options are guaranteed for injury only, so Jackson’s entire $10.2 million salary comes off the books. The No. 18 overall pick of the 2017 Draft, Jackson had the looks of one of the best young corners in football, but injuries have limited him to 14 appearances over the past two seasons, including only three in 2020. It was a foot in 2019 then his knee last year. Explosively fast and athletic, Jackson is still only 26 years old (in September). There figures to be teams lining up to give him a second chance. It’s possible the slot could be a bigger part of 5-foot-11 Jackson’s NFL future than it was his first four years in the league.

Is Jackson a good tackler? Your slot corner needs to be an aggressive tackler.

I honestly don’t know enough about him. I know he was starting to be viewed as an up and coming upper echelon CB after his first two seasons. Injuries have really derailed his career after that.

PFF had him as like the 15th best ranked CB since 2019. Obviously, that number is skewed because he has played a lot less snaps than most other CBs, but there’s talent there. He just can’t stay healthy.

Rams had him in for a visit in 2017, per Chris Burke

Lock it up.

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two foot sprains in 2019 (likely went out too early on the first) and a patella sprain that kept him out for a good while in 2020. I’d be more concerned about the knee, but he was very productive when he did play. It’s worth checking out.