AFC is already set imho - NFC is not

Four AFC team are already eliminated from the first seed: NFC no one is

Two of those AFC teams are already out of the top fours seeds: NFC none…

We are going into week 11 and no one on the NFC side is mathematically out yet?? We could have the 16th have a five wins?!

Crazy year so far…

I’m going with Pitt until proven otherwise

How is the AFC already set?
There are five teams fighting it out for the 3 wild card positions.
There is mathematically and then there is common sense.

Exactly - my nipicky friend!

I’m talking (implied if you know me here posting over the last twelve yrs on this stuff!) math…

But the AFC is far from being set.

Depends - mathematically it is but that’s probabilities vs probabilities…

NFC East. :face_vomiting:

Lions would be in first place in that division. lol

Yeah - this is a small thorn in my NFL side… it’s time imho that something is done.

I’d like to see that winning your division doesn’t auto fill a playoff slot. Makes it that playoff seeds are record based and leave the divisions along. Pretty simple to me… but who am I but a fan