After Chase, Smith and Waddle - who?

I was going to start researching second round WR targets if we decide not to go WR at 7OA. Before doing that, I just wanted to learn from others on this board – who do you like after the top 3 WR’s? Where are the big gaps – i.e. after the top three is probably one big gap, but where are the other gaps?

In no particular order, I think these are the next 7 guys.

Rashod Bateman
Kadarius Toney
Rondale Moore
Elijah Moore
Terrance Marshall
Tylan Wallace
Dyami Brown

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thx, good article. Moore from Purdue sounds interesting. The heat map for Rogers (in the article under the last receiver) is a great chart!

I think history has shown us that the perceived “gaps” in talent at WR aren’t as big in reality as they looked on paper at the time. The 2014 draft is a good recent example. You had Sammy Watkins, Mike Evans and Odell Beckham at the top. But you still had Devonte Adams, Jarvis Landry and Allen Robinson available in the 2nd. And those were the 9th, 11th and 12th receivers off the board.


Good point Wes, you can’t always rely on draft rankings, and there are always counter-examples as you point out. All that said, I was trying to get a sense of some of the board’s favorites after the top 3. If the rankings were perfect Justin jefferson would have been the top rated receiver last year (although i do remember several on this board (me too) liking him more than his ranking suggested).

One man’s opinion comparing 2020 and 2021 classes:

Looks like Bateman is pretty much a consensus number 4. He’s not getting as much love partly because of the situation he was in on Minnesota’s team.

I absolutely love Kadarius Toney. He’s definitely more of a late first guy than an early 2nd guy though. I like Bateman too. Not a huge Moore fan, either one.

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Dyami Brown

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I think it’s possible Brown goes ahead of Waddle.

I would be very tempted to grab Bateman if we traded down with NE or lower. He probably won’t last until the 2nd round with how skilled and polished he is.

Why does this sound dirty, to me?

Because your Rorschach test always comes back dirty…

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Hey, you’re the one showing the dirty pictures…

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Chris Simms has Beown ahead of Wadsle. I think that’s extreme but it sounds like tgqt’s mostly bc Simms views Waddle as slot only.

Actually I like this order alot - especially the first three. I’d move Brown up a couple slots. Toney has incredible balance and body control.