After the bye week

I wonder what this roster is going to look like. Who’s going to come back and contribute? Who gets cut to make room?


Yeah, we likely could have Jamo, Paschal, Levi, and Jacobs coming off of the IR then, and conceivably Cabinda and Romeo Okwara too. That’s a chunk of a new team. Who goes? Benito Jones? Yep. Brockers actually has be decent the last 2 games in limited action?–though he goes before Demetrius if I’m the axe. John Forbes? Yep. Zylstra? Yep. Josh Woods? Yep. That’s 4 for now without injuries.

Levi I doubt plays this year.

I am not counting on Romeo Okwara playing either.

Jamo an Paschal should be back an Jacobs could be back sooner.

Who gets released have no idea .


Please let this be true. I’m not sure there is anyone on this team I’m rooting harder for.

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At the rate we’re going… we’ll have several more players on IR by then… and may not have to cut any current players.


First, I doubt Josh Woods as a team capitan gets cut.

Second, when is the earliest Jamo is eligible to start practicing? He hasn’t practiced once at the NFL level, and hasn’t played a snap since January, so he’s going to need some time before he can play.

After this week he can be taken off the short-term IR list.

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Right after the Seahawks game. Then he would be have to be activated for the October 23 game,

I really love Hutch so far… and I think Jameson might better…this is why I’m here!!!

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Perhaps Captain Brockers then. I’ve been dreaming of a White Christmas and cutting Brockers for a long time, but that guy’s been balling lately for a senior citizen.

They all have. That’s why the losses have been much more “bummed and disappointed” rather that “BLAH ANGRY”.

This team should be 2-1, if not 3-0.


I was thinking about this today, yote.

Levi isnt close to playing it seems.

Why didnt they IR him out of the gate instead of now burning a roster spot forn4 weeks?


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People keep talking about these guys coming back like it’s a given, but I’m with you. Still TBD.

I’ve been trying to say this. Fans on this board keep setting themselves up for disappointment with this idea that the team is getting a bunch of reinforcements after the bye without losing anyone. Losing injured players is part of life in the nfl.

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We are not only team with injuries example the Pats have lost there QB for awhile an I think both OTs
Other teams have lost starters we know cus we follow Lions an it seems bad but others have lost also.

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We have five ‘current’ players on IR. Tied for 23rd in the league. Titans have the most – 12. We have 11 ‘total’ players out - tied for second. According to sportrac. Can’t find how they define ‘total’ and ‘current’ - i think current is ‘in-season’.

I don’t think Jamo will be much of a factor this year.

Welcome to my world… :cowboy_hat_face: :cowboy_hat_face: :cowboy_hat_face:

Speed has to be accounted for. With Jamo going deep, you know where one safety will be, so there’s that.


Jamo doesn’t need to come out and be playing at a high level. All he needs to do is show he has his speed back. That alone will change the way defenses have to play us when he’s in. That could have a big impact on a few plays a game. Even if he’s not getting the ball. One play could have won us the Vikings and eagles game.

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I’m not expecting players to come back and suddenly play like all stars. I’m not expecting much from okwara, but if he can give us one impact play a game off the bench I’ll take it. Same with jamo. The player I have the most hope is Jacobs. Another solid corner would be a big boost to this secondary.