Afternoon game thread

Bengals are not a very good team

Cheering for Mahomes and Stafford, let’s go boys.


Networks suck. Only Chiefs/Vikes to watch right now. I’d rather watch NASCAR at this point. So disappointed that a better game isn’t on here.

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Naaacuuuaaaa. Nice game there but i have to sleep…

Man. The Rams might be a solid team. Id love to meet them in the playoffs

The Cards tank job may end up getting Dobbs a decent contract somewhere

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Lions will be at the front door. Won’t be hard to find our Lions.

I’d rather watch paint dry… or grass grow….
than watch NICECAR. :smirk:

Rams got aggressive there on D and paid for it. They go Ben don’t break and it’s unlikely Philadelphia gets even 3 there.

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The brotherly shove.

Giving up points before half like that is usually a killer

Getting killed by stupid penalties in both games, like ten of them. I’d better stop watching. Hate both the Vikes and Eagles.

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From everything that is said about him, he is the kind of human being that we should celebrate getting a nice contract. I like when good people are given good things.


Everyone bitches about being aggressive but Morris blitzes with 17 seconds left and gives up a 50 yard play. Really bad defensive play calling. Oddly that is what some say they want in the game threads.

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Would you rather watch the vikes play the chiefs? LOL

Swift has 5 carries for 7 yards. That is all.

I’d rather watch 2 crappy HS teams play football…
than watch a car drive in a circle for hours.

Carter just ragdolled Stafford. Looks like Matt’s ok.

Weird part is 90% of the players in the league would have been called for unnecessary roughness, but nope. Must be nice to be an Eagle with the refs.

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Me too, but you didn’t answer the question. :slight_smile:

KC’s O has been, dare I say average. Can’t be Beinemy, can it. Can It!