AG- please watch Steelers game… Goff deserves better

I’d really like to see us start Comish, Buggs, and McNeill along the DL with Levi and Bro Mart (hopefully Paschal) rotating in.

I’d like to see Hutch, Harris, Campbell, C Harris rotating at OLB edge… and AA/JRM and Barnes/Rodrigo inside.

With CJ out, and no CB depth at all, can we end the 5 db jock that can’t stop RBs, TEa, and running QBs?

  • 2021 the Lions finish 3-5-1 and with Goff 3-3-1 after a terrible start…. THEY HELD 5 OF THE LAST NINE OPPONENT TO “20” POINTS OF LESS IN A 3-4… and C Harris had a nice year and Julian OK showed promise. Dom Capers had us running a 3-4

  • 2022 the lions start 1-6…… tire fire! Fire pleasant, move into more 3-4 looks after Hutch pleads to play from a 2 point- and Houston explodes in scene as 3-4 edge. They keep 6 of 10 teams below 21 points while running mostly 3-4 looks…

  • 2023…. WHY ARE WE BACK TO ■■■■■■■ NICKEL BASE D?

Put 7 in box, occasionally 8, and make Ridder beat us deep.

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I would anticipate that we play ATL very differently than the Chiefs and Seahawks. If we don’t then AG is beyond hope.

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Steeled reload OLBs going back 40 years plus.

Kevin Greene
Greg Lloyd
Clark Haggans
Chad Brown
Jason Gildon
Joey Porter
Lamar Woodley
L Timmons
James Harrison
TJ Watt

Watch Pittsburgh win 24-18

God I hope so.

We no longer have safety depth and don’t have any CB depth.


C Harris

T Walker

I’ll die on that Hill to stifle Atlanta run game and let us score 28

  • unless we insist on replacing Monty with Netflix and forcing him to carry 15 times for 50 yards.

Promote Zonovan and give he and Gibbs 11 each and throw 38 times. Please

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