Aidan Hutchinson off to a better start than Browns No. 1 overall pick DE Myles Garrett?

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This will never get old …



Nope. That RB was hogtied.

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Hutch is already playing well as a rookie, the key now is putting some more pieces on the D-line around him. Someone shared the double team graphic a few weeks ago, and Hutch was way up there.

Not really anyone else getting any pressure. Julian had 1 good game. We have a total of 15 sacks in 9 games, Hutch has 5.5 of those.


I believe in Hutch much more than I did when we drafted him.
I was thinking he was just a high floor guy who was near his ceiling,
Dude’s ceiling is much higher than I thought.

I really think this cat could be one of the best in the NFL, with an outside chance of being the best at his trade.