Aidan Hutchinson--very interesting comments

Being selected first overall in the #NFLDraft would be a dream, but culture and fit is what’s more important for


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Sounds kind of familiar, doesn’t it?



Lions fans see that and hear that he knows he’s not going to be the first pick.

Realistically, every player should say that. Culture and fit help maximize things for the player. The better both are, the better chances they excel. Perform higher, make more during their careers.

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Glad he has at least listened and taken it to heart

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“I’m not only the best player and going to prove that I’m the best player, but I’m also a guy who’s going to bring guys with me,” Thibodeaux explained to The Zach Gelb Show on Wednesday. "I challenge the average mindset. I’m a guy of culture. Whichever team drafts me, I’m going to come in and establish the culture that was established to me in college. You work hard, play harder.

“You cut out all the outside noise and all the distractions, and you get to work. And I know my personality is very gregarious and I’m a very influential person. With a lot of guys around me, I can get guys together. I have a unifying soul. People will kind of attract to me and they’ll move with the way I move. So, if I can get guys on a positive trend, that’ll be better for the whole organization.”

  • Kayvon Thibodeaux - 2 months ago (Feb. 9th, 2022)

Interesting quotes from Sauce and Ramsey


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I think it’s a good thing for CBs to be cocky as hell.

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wow…that’s…wow. whole bunch of stuff there. Yep.


Aiden Hutchinson - “…at the end of the day, as long as I’m going to the right culture, the right fit, WHERE I CAN GET THE MOST OUT OF MY CAREER.”

Kayvon Thibodeaux - " With a lot of guys around me, I can get guys together. I have a unifying soul. People will kind of attract to me and they’ll move with the way I move. So, if I can get guys on a positive trend, that’ll be better for the whole organization.”

One guy talks about himself and his “own career”, while the other guy talks about “unifying” and “positive trend, that’ll be better for the whole organization.”

I find that interesting…

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Words don’t matter nearly as much as the energy behind them. Does the energy of the words support that the statement was made authentically?

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Can you quantify “energy”?

Is it measurable? Can we define it?

Is it eye contact?
Tone or volume of the words spoken?
Pronunciation of the words spoken?

“Words don’t matter as much”…so what am I looking for?

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This is why it’s important to read energy. Do you believe ■■■■■ and ■■■■■ mean what they say…jsut cuz they said it? :wink:

Doesn’t matter what ppl say, they have media handlers.

I remember when they were trying to scrub Cam Newton’s personality before the SB, and had him saying a bunch of stuff, signing a disabled kid’s jersey, etc. Then, when it became evident they were going to lose the SB, he was laying in the fetal position on the field crying (literally) during the game.

Leadership isn’t saying your a leader. Leadership is being one. Leadership is not what you say you’re gonna do…it’s being a believable, trustworthy ENERGY.

BTW…If we’re going off of what ppl say…

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I dont’ have the juice to do it right now. I’ve spent an exhausting amount of time on this subject and teaching it.
It takes me weeks, sometimes months, to get someone well versed at it.

I’m always looking for ways to quantify it. Posture, eye contact, tone, etc can play into it…it’s more reading the level of commitment they have when they are saying those things. How much faith do they have in what they are saying.

Aiden’s energy is cleaner. He’s not exactly where you’d want someone (Willis is).
Aiden DOES have something to prove, and football is his identity. He is more like Okudah, in that way. If he’s not good at football, nothing makes sense, sort of energy. I see some inquisitiveness in Aiden, but it’s belivable. Thibz has some of this too but their are differences. Hutch is super-committed.

-If Hutch were to come out and suck, he’s going to fight ( by his definition of what that means) to be a good football player and reside within his identity.
-Thibz is going to fight (by his definition of what that means) to save “the brand.”

I don’t care what media handlers have taught them to say. I care about the conviction. Who has more conviction when you see them speak…Lebron James, or Michael Jordan?

THAT is what I’m talking about. Now, Lebron is SO talented that he can make it happen anyway, but he’s getting folded on the wrist and checking his nose for blood…he’s the biggest, strongest guy out there, and he’s throwing himself on the floor when a guy 60 lbs lighter than him looks at him and doesn’t even touch him, etc.

Thibz may have enough talent to show up way better than Hutch…he might.
What I do know is if Hutch is going to fight his guts out every practice, every play, every game, etc, etc. I don’t trust that in Thibz.

Does the talent outweigh the “wiring?” We’re gonna find out.

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We’re now to the point where we’re pulling sentences out of context from statements made by 21 year olds.

Yep, we’re definitely a day away from the draft.



Athletes lying on the floor crying is nothing new. They put a great amount of effort to reach these levels in their profession, and sometimes the emotions flood to the surface, whether in victory or defeat.


On the 50 yard line during the game is a little different than the locker room, no?
Also → this is passion, not a tantrum. Go watch the video and ask yourself if this is the same thing.

You are literally showing a great example of the difference.

:pray: Thank you :pray: