Alex Anzalone Has Issue With 18-Game Comments of Joe Burrow

I mean technically I agree with Anzalone… injuries are already out of control, adding more games aint gonna help that.

But money > player safety is what he’s missing.

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At the upper levels of the military…. We are not living souls… we are called human collateral as lives and the quality of life is not a true priority

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Burrows comments are great for the owners, horrible the for the NFLPA.


You’d think a guy who has spent as much time on IR as Burrows would understand the importance of not breaking the players.

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He makes about 55 million per year… and he’s speaking on behalf of nfl players, most of which barely last 3 years on a rookie deal.

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The moment you sign the dotted line to join whichever branch of the military you should already know that you’ve become a “tool” of the government. When they say jump then you jump.

Quality of life is definitely another story. I know a navy salary in San Diego was livable in the 90s(affordable apartment living) and the base offered a lot of nice privileges, but now in 2024 I’m not sure how accurate that is. The inflated cost of living down there now is likely pretty unreasonable, but don’t know for sure.

But …. When we signed that footed line most we’re ignorant to the darker side of it all

I was ……

I accept my choice; theirs sucked at time and now a days completely sucks…

But let us not derail this thread brothers !!

Who is this “Burrows” guy? :wink::laughing::smirk:


He wrote The Nekkid Lunch