Alex Mack retired

Was upset when we passed and took Pettigrew. Yes, we had Dom, but he could have walked in and started at OG. Great player, was really a big help for the 49ers, a great pickup. So, what does that mean for us? Well, they are pitiful at backup and now starter, and that is being kind. 2 UDFA’s with horrible RAS scores, like under 5. Anyone here realize that Brown had an RAS score of 9.34? He came to us in 2020, under Bevell, not the guys who left in the clown car. While it’s great to have the kind of depth we have on the OL right now, would you consider a trade and if so what would it take?

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I wouldn’t. Brown is critical backup for Center and both Guard positions. If last year taught us anything it’s to not rely on the line to ever be completely healthy

Brown is a bargain for us. In 12 starts last season, he ranked ninth in ESPN’s pass block win rate among centers, and seventh in PFF pass blocking grade.


Definitely consider a trade but not sure what a win win would be …
A 4th?

No idea

And I do value the guy

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I’d have to get a 3rd round pick for him… and I still might not do it.

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I’d prefer to keep Brown because he’s on a cheap deal and provides tremendous depth for the interior line. If San Fran called offering a pick that would likely be near the end of the second round however, then I don’t know that I could turn that down.

Maybe the Lions are planning to cut Vaitai once the cap hit is manageable, knowing that Brown can take his spot at a more reasonable price. That would make any talk of trading him moot.


W/O knowing where else the 49ers might turn, I just thought this was interesting. First of all, Mack retiring AFTER the draft has got to have them reeling. It wasn’t much of an OL to begin with, now, well, good luck. They took a decent OL in the 6th, **Nick Zakelj,**who could be who they are counting on at this point. He had a really good RAS, 9.74, but he’s only practiced at center and never played it. Is Trey Lance going to start and if he is, can he do the line calls? Just thought it was a predicament where we might be in a position to trade for a proven player and/or a draft pick.

2nd best Cal player in the last 20 years. Behind Marshawn Lynch and just ahead of Aaron Rodgers :wink:


Mack was an every once in a while guy at C, didn’t need any RAS scores or alleged sports writers to tell me what I was seeing, he was the real deal. Tyler Linderbaum is incredible and is also one of the few C’s I would have used a 1st round pick on, if he has a career anything like Mack the Ravens will have made a major score.

Mack won the Draddy award “Academic Heisman” for his intelligence as well as being an All American. He was also a CIF championship wrestler in high school.

Know who else was a championship wrestler in high school and top academic All American? Malcom Rodriguez.

Let the legend begin!!

Alex Mack and Aaron Donald. We took Pettigrew and Ebron. :roll_eyes: :roll_eyes: :roll_eyes:

Yep. Mack just could flat get on guys at the second level quickly. He was a special talent guy. We are lucky to have Ragnar. He’s not Mack, but he’s very good and if he can stay healthy can write his own story.