Alex Smith retires

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Good guy and nfl citizen.

I didn’t like him at first because he and Urban Meyer ruined a Cal season standing and then he got drafted to the 49ers over Aaron Rodgers.

As time has gone on I have come to appreciate his journey and toughness. He was always somewhat limited but he made the most of it through perseverance and smarts.


Class act! Wish him the best


One less starter level QB in the league.
Brady and Drew retire …who else?

A-Aron Rodgers

When I see Jordan Love taking snaps for the Green Bay Packers…

…I imagine the feeling will be similar to what the French citizens felt when the Allies came rolling in to Paris to liberate the people.

Alex Smith balled out. Real respect for climbing back after that injury to perform at a Professional level again. Showed some real tough character and competitive spirit.

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Hopefully sooner than later. Also hoping we have a D-line in place that puts him on his ass and makes him extremely uncomfortable…extremely often.

Anyone that can come back to play in NFL after the injury he had is one tough fella. He had 17 different surgeries to save his leg. He’s got my respect.


Wish him all the best. Way to comeback from a horrific injury.

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Brett Farve set the foundation for what was the offense that Rodgers took over. I will never forget Greg Jennings on NFL radio expressing his displeasure on how “far behind” the Vikings offense was when he got there. Then he described an offense in Green Bay that was almost like playing a video game. Whatever adjustment they wanted to make…even the most minor ones…where right there at their disposal.

Alex Smith didn’t have as much time, but he was the foundation that the Chiefs offense was built on. Andy kept feeding Alex, and as Alex ate it up he kept feeding him until they started thinking outside of the box on play design. Alex could never execute it like Patrick, but he was the basis of many of the concepts.

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Very well put. Good F’n Laaawd, I want that in Detroit. Established system in place for newly acquired vets and rooks, especially handing the torch to another QB. We have seen nothing but chaos in Detroit. Fontes regime was the most stable we had seen, and Barry bought him a lot of time/made his job light years easier.

Chaos would be an upgrade.


Indeed, we have been predictably awful…

Phillip Rivers.

We’re seeing a lot of changes at QB.

I think Big Ben, Matt Ryan and Aaron Rogers are not far off.

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Yeah … sad to see him retire at just 36 though.

I wish him well. Class act.

Its funny how much things have changed that we are calling it “just 36” after a 16 year career.