Alim the Dream

Alim is putting out music. The kid is talented. LINK Soundcloud

Thought I’d share to anyone that wants to listen and support Alim.

He’s going big with it, trademarked “Alim the Dream” in November. LINK

The Super Bowl halftime show should have featured someone fresh like Alim the Dream.

Interests outside of football? I’m aghast.

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I hope he doesn’t get too good at things outside of football, or else its dickfish time.

The dancing bear can do it all!! MC/DC calls him “twinkle toes”, lol

Can’t wait to see us using Alim as a short yardage running back next year. They can play his music after his first career rushing TD.

Good luck tackling him!

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The Original:



Man I miss NBA basketball that actually had post play. Watching a technician like Hakeem set up shop and go to work was fun.


Agreed, NBA was so much better with elite post players and when the game was physical. Hakeem, Shaq, Barkley, Ewing, David Robinson, etc. Loved that era. The early 90’s Pistons would beat the crap out of other team if they got in the paint, loved that style of ball. It’s just a glorified 3 point shooting contest now.

I’d imagine Alim has some B-Ball game as well!


Or Baseball that wasn’t only the three true outcomes approach.

I have this much younger friend (early 20s) that loves baseball. I explained to him the 1980s St. Louis Cardinals (their skill set, how they plaid, etc.) and he looked at me like I was from Mars.

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Speaking of baseball, Alim was also pretty darn good at that. What can’t this guy do!?

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It would have been the closest any Lion has ever gotten to the Super Bowl…

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Or how about a good old fashioned hockey fight where they are not punching each other in the helmet/facemask?

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He can’t beat winning teams on the road.

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All the tracks are good, but this was my favorite one.

Love the cascading keyboard in the background. It gave me Ray Manzarek “Riders on the Storm” vibe.

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Haha sounds like Stafford…coming soon to a live stream near you!

Uhhhhhhhhhh…. Nah. This ain’t it. Just stick to ball my guy.

Still IMO the best big man ever. Easily the best athlete in the NBA over 6’6" ever.

I mean I get it, Wilt was from another planet, Russell is the ultimate winner and Kareem was literally unstoppable…

But they didnt face the same level of talent Hakeem did or run like he did.

He’s the only center in the top 70 steals of all time, and he is 9th overall all time. More than LeBron, Kobe, Isaih or Magic.

20% more blocks than anyone all time (Im aware if they kept the stats ,Wilt and Russell would be ahead …but like Bubba Baker, too bad)

2 for 2 with Rings too.

Great hopefully he can help put together a Super Bowl run soundtrack.

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