All about Becton

what are your OA thoughts on the guy I mean I’m not seeing “much” chatter and that’s why I ask.
Would he be a force in Detroit a “fit”?

Looks like there are about 4 OTs who could potentially be in the top half of the draft, especially if teams figure they can get a WR later:

Wills, Thomas, Wirfs, and Becton.

Only way I see the Lions in that market is after a double trade down. I don’t see them taking an OL in the top 7, especially given the present (subject obviously to change with FA), needs at DT and CB.

I think the Lions should definitely consider OTs. Stafford needs more protection and the Lions still need to fix the run game. They would need to think about what to do with Wagner and Decker though.

Becton is a beast though.

Buyer beware on Becton, he’s got some really bad pass-blocking tape. Obviously with his athletic profile he’s got a really high ceiling, but he’s got a much lower floor than the other guys.

Personally I have it Wirfs, Thomas, Wills————>Jones, Becton.

Wirfs is so light on his feet, he’s like a the dancing bear. I think he’ll be a 10 year All Pro.

I think he’s a beast and I like the kid. I just don’t think he’s a top 10 pick.

We have a thread on him here if you care to learn more.

yeah I knew about the other thread , but since then I hadn’t seen or heard any more …until this point after I made a pointed thread directed at Becton again…I figured I’d give it thee old round two discussion to see if any stronger opinions of him had been made. I missed much of the combine as I was babysitting a three year old girl, you got to be VERY alert to what she’s doing or else. so I missed QB’s, DT’s , WR’s , CB’s and I saw LB’s OT’s and RB’s , but missed Swifts’ run.