All I have to say is

This is a new day. A new era. Moving forward, we are in the best position I have ever seen. I have never been this optimistic as a Lions fan. I can feel, see, and read about the great things that are presently in motion, and if you can’t see it, you’re blind.

All of the talk about cutting Stafford over at the other site, and drafting his replacement. What a bunch of idiots. Do any of those folks even watch football? Do they know anything about the game?

Do they read about the middle and minor stuff going on within, and around the team? All of that helps and contributes to success.
From the top down, this organization is vastly improved.


Starting with the Jets game last year I simply quit watching for the most part. I would also agree that we are in a good place right now with our draft position, salary cap and the talent that is currently on this team. We also have one of the easier schedules in the NFL. All that said Stafford does need to have a good year and we need to win at least 9 games or Patricia and Quinn were a mistake and we need to draft Matt’s replacement in 2020.

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Yup, i was a vocal hater at the beginning of last season, but i have returned to my normally optimistic self, with the help of guys like you, pdono.

The Stafford talk always devolves into emotionally driven arguments that most often border on the ridiculous. And once emotion is interjected, all reason and logic fall by the wayside.

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Dan Orlovsky is actually one of my favorite analysts, and is being looked at as an up and comer in the business, so I’m gonna say … yes?

Maybe I’m misunderstanding.

I think we have one more rebuilding year…

It will be more fun than last year, but we still need work.

That is part of my basis for being optimistic right now. The pummeling that the Jets gave us was 90% on JBC.
Never being prepared for the Jets knowing our offensive play calls after a full offseason of supposed preparation, was bush league coaching at it’s worse.
Darrell Bevell will be 10x better than JBC.

Huh?? Are you posting in the wrong thread?

That came from Dan Orlovsky.

You asked if the one suggesting we take Stafford’s heir in the 2nd “even watched football.”

Unless I’m misunderstanding your phrasing.

I was trashing JBC since he took over for Lombardi.

As soon as I heard he was the savior after getting lucky to have the soft part of the schedule (“look, improvement”…), I was immediately disgusted.

247 sports…

“All of the talk about cutting Stafford over at the other site, and drafting his replacement.”

If Orlovsky wants to cut Stafford and draft his replacement, he can eat a bucket of crap too.

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Orlovsky didn’t say that.

Just forget I bothered lol.

I know that.

Who’s on First?


Yeah lol

Buzzed? You quoted yourself.:grin:

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He has access to Mother’s Little Helper.

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He’s mommies favorite, huh?

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I quoted myself because i was reminding him i wasnt bothering lol.

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