All Talk? I have hope

Do they still believe in themselves? Sounds like it…

First, I missed seeing usernames like “checkmate.” Damn it feels good to be back.

Second, I’m in that weird spot where I want to proclaim this team can win without Tate, but he’s been such a staple, I don’t know what it will look like. If Tate had gone down with an injury for the season, we’d all be lamenting how we’re screwed.

This will be such a test of Patricia and Quinn. Did they screw us for 2018 for a decent pick in 2019, or do they see something we don’t? They’re paid a lot more than us by the Lions, so let’s hope so …


yeah they HAD to see, hear, KNOW something…dealing Tate, signing Sheppard, I think they are posturing towards just getting a few initial defensive pieces now to ‘help out’ this season so

we can try to be a bit tougher defensively as we face our remaining opponents…

they made choices and went into action so quickly…it’s hard to believe that they made these moves with no vision or plan.

Strange that most of the quotes in that article were from the defense.

I believe we still have enough weapons on offense to win games but that’s only if we stay healthy. You take Marvin or Golladay from the lineup and it looks very bleak.


Funny thing is we have much more success running 2Wr sets vs 3. Our percentages our better (44%/58%) ypa better (7.1/7.8) and the QB efficiency is a lot better (94/128). I think we are going to start seeing a lot more 2 WR sets

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If you replace Tate with (Calvin)Johnson in these articles you might be just as pessimistic but the reality is our offense really didn’t sink as much as we feared when he retired…


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Long-term, I think we’re in a lot better shape than it seemed a few months ago. Bob Quinn does seem to have some idea what he wants to do, and his drafting/talent acquisition are looking a lot better than they did back in August. Patricia seems legit. I don’t know if he has the leadership qualities of Caldwell or other more beloved coaches, but he obviously is an incredibly smart dude who can actually gameplan and adapt to put his players in the best spot. Kind of weird going into halftime with the idea that we won’t necessarily get outcoached and outclassed on adjustments every damn week.

All that said… The holes on this roster, especially at D, are still glaring. We are at least one draft and offseason away from seriously competing in the NFC. Our division is garbage so if everything shakes out perfectly, we may find a way to sneak into the playoffs. But even if we somehow do, we’re looking at an early exit. We just don’t have the horses yet. This season may turn out to be more interesting than it seemed like in Week 1, but it’s still basically a lost season.

Well it’s not like you don’t put a player in his place that is a NFL player…but he’s not Calvin Johnson. And for many years, CJ was pretty much our only decent WR. Tate and MJ were a good duo, Golladay and MJ are probably not quite as good of a combo but we’ll see who plays the slot. Neither TJ Jones or Riddick in the slot can hold Tate’s jock (not that you’d want to)…but there’s more than one way to skin a cat (as the saying goes) so we’ll change-up our offense a bit and hopefully be close to the same production…we’ll see.

That was prophetic!
You saw that, and our GM didn’t.

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I’ve taken a screenshot and sent it and my resume to Martha.