Almost time to turn and face the strange

Hey all,

With the season wrapped, it’s time to hyper focus on draft. For you and the website.

As mentioned before, I’m trying to make this a draft-centric site, hence the “war rooms” you see for each team. As a reminder, The Den already has its own war room (you’re already posting in it).

Really, you won’t notice much of a change, unless (until?) we’re successful and other fans from other teams join in on the fun. I have some nifty ideas on the horizon that better incorporate the draft (mocks and such) and I think you’ll all love them.

So really, the only significant change you might encounter is visual. “The Den” logo at the very top might say something different (I’m neurotic with branding, and haven’t really come up with something yet). If that happens, please don’t freak out. Nothing’s changed except an image. The Den logo is very much alive and well if you’re on The Den-specific war room.

Anyway, that’s it for now. LMK if you have any questions.



It might be good to post some draft thoughts and ideas in the other teams war rooms.

Especially those drafting in front of us.


As far as a new name - maybe The War Room? Simple like the Den… to the point… not sure if there is somewhere else with the same name…

Anyway all sounds good, thanks for all you do for this site!

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Probably an unpopular opinion, but I probably care less about the draft and draft prospects than most here.

Would prefer a way to segregate draft talk from other Lion/NFL talk.


Yeah, I’m guessing half the year will consist of draft talk and then it will just naturally morph into non draft topics, like camp, season, playoffs, etc.


Yep, that’s on the list, hence the war rooms. I’ve also registered, so it’s really between those two unless something blows my mind.

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I like The Draft Forum too… something nice and neat, concise… “like… Cut Co… or Edge Com” (sorry Simpsons joke)

Don’t think you can go wrong with either war room or draft forum… and I’m sure some others will come up with some good names too.

Ooh, maybe combine ideas… The War Den. Or, the Draft Den. Draft Den War Room.

Ok sorry just spitballing

Although the WarDen could be kinda cool, play on words…


the shawshank redemption escape GIF

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Hahaha that’s exactly what I thought!

It might just be my particular area and time of white trash upbringing, but the title of this thread is a #TWSS.

I mean, that, or … David Bowie’s lyrics to Changing. Lol.


Suggestion: Trademark/Patent whatever original Idea/Format/Database you come up with…Could be profitable for you for years to come. - Ex Virtual Reality Inventor

I think the confusion lies with past history, the draft season was always seven / eight months. Lately it has been cut in half. I admit, to being taken aback.

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Strange fascination, fascinating me.

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It might just be because of recency, but I’d really like to believe that this season was one of the funner seasons I’ve watched in a LONG time. I enjoyed Matt/Calvin playing but I haven’t had this much fun watching the Lions since Barry was here.

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