Alright,, who is going to be the new offensive

Coordinator for the Lions?

Not much noise there. Wonder what the media is doing or if the Lions are keeping things air tight. Usually there’s a leak or two from agents on visits to drum up interest and bargaining power.

Koetter seemed like a good fit for what he did in Tampa with Fitzmagic and Jameis combining for 5000 yards passing but he just signed with Atlanta as their OC. The talent pool is dwindling.

I’m guessing it’s someone from the Rams or the Patriots that’s why we haven’t heard anything and there’s been no action

Adam Gase?

Gase is in Jersey.

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I have no idea, but I think anything’s an upgrade from that fraud Cooter.

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Hold that thought. Both leading contenders are arguably as bad or worse.

Chad O’Shea is my guess.

I think he’s the Patriot WR coach. I’d rather have Mike Kafka and an explosive offensive.chance every snap.

I imagine Kafka will wait to see if the Bengals hire Bienemy. If he gets the OC job in KC he’s likely to have a shot at a HC job the next year.

The Lions have been Kafka-esque for 60 years. Making it literal would be the cherry on top of a lifetime of crappy sundaes…

Going to bring Linehan back after the Cowgirls fire him and Garrett :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

They’re extending Garrett

Yeah I was poking fun of the Terrell Owens tweet

Ah, I’m not a twit, so I’m out of the loop with that :joy:

At this point, odds are the new OC must be coming from one of the playoff teams.


Mike Kafka