Alternate covid reality

stay off the boards and quit destroying your brain online. it’s bad for your sleep or it might help anyway. clicking on all these links and pasting back and waiting for replies it’s bad for the brain. it’s highly addictive and well documented (if you’re doing it all day long every day that is). not saying you are but just puttin it out there.

i’m going to try and steer this thread back to hopefully getting some replies about the questions i originally asked. perhaps you have some thoughts? or maybe i didn’t give enough info? thanks for stopping by either way. cheers.

thanks for the reply weas. a couple of notes

  • the same species, humans, is living in my current country
  • we have internet, news and mass media just like back home
  • we have R, L, Center politics here just like there
  • we all have the same information (and or disinformation) [i added this to your list]

basically all the exact same factors but the behavior is different. wtf is going on back there???

You’d have to go all the way back to the 1850s Know Nothing Party to find such a large part of our electorate this blatantly stupid. They’ve been taught they know better than scientists, intellectuals, and other experts. And to distrust them and other reporting. So there is your answer. Its self destructive to our society. Large scale populism that replaces good governance with incompetent governance.

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Culture is a big part of it. Most are in a state of fear, even the ones who won’t admit it. There are different subcultures around the country, and different acceptable behaviors among those subcultures. Subcultures impact ALL people, based on what they identify with. In the business and sales world, they say, “you are a compilation of the 5 people you spend the most time with…financially, ethically, emotionally, etc”

Subcultures cross boundaries - races, religions, political orientations, etc all exist everywhere. What is different here is regions. People from NY and TX have different attitudes than ppl in TX. It is not only socially acceptable but expected, that people get down a certain way. Energetic Masterminds are more powerful than ppl think. The energy of a place impacts people. I will be avoiding Walmart with every fibre of my being, from now on.
It is important to put yourself in places with energy that supports you. I’m in Orlando. Went to Walmart yesterday, and there was a loudspeaker saying “We know these are tough times…Walmart is altering store hours because…”

They are pumping that message into people over, and over, and over. Conditioning into people that “these are tough times.” I can literally hear the exact voice in my head, right now. They have shut down one door for “social distancing” - wrong. It’s causing more people to bottleneck. They are doing it so the cop at the door can do his best to intimidate people into wearing masks. The doors of 2 Walmarts nearest me have a cop and a Walmart employee standing inside the entrance.

I brign that up, only to reference the energy of it. I’m not going to have that shit pumped into my head. Florida was mostly very loose about the situation, based on what I have been seeing. Now they are ramping up enforcement, due to higher reported numbers.

Nobody knows what’s real. The only thing we know is 100% fact is that we are being lied to like a MF’r. If we are being lied to…why? Constant reporting of false numbers being delivered to by the media. Why? Then we find out they are literally incentivizing the reporting of false numbers. why?

One thing I know with every fiber of my being is not to trust it.

In terms of my internal pattern, and the way I used to respond to situations like this - defiance… it has been great for my own personal development to watch, be smart, and be safe, while maintaining a healthy balance of watching for truth. I feel like this things is way more politically driven than real, though the threat is real. I do know people who have had it, with zero symptoms. Myself personally, I have been sick 3 or 4 times, since the 90s.

3 things in life you can count on
-My Immune System

I want to be mindful of others, and not spread something that could harm or kill another human, but I also want to know what is real. I see people losing their minds and being rude to store workers about masks, etc. Was in a restaurant/bar yesterday, and saw 2 guys asked to wear masks, while they were playing pool, as they were not eating.

Seeing so many reports that masks literally do nothing. Being false numbers being reported. Seeing old deaths that were not even covid related being reported as new cases. Everyone I speak to knows there is spin on this. Why? Unethical, to me.

My old pattern would be to get pissed and rail against it.

I’m watching myself, as I type this, and how aware I am that that energy still resides in my body.

I truly have the identity of someone whose identity can shift quickly. I want to be as open as I can, and be the best man I can be…for myself…and every human I encounter.

Most people are defending what they believe blindly, and unwilling to see truth. You see it in here all the time. What rules do you have to cause you to respond the way you do, feel the way you do, believe what you believe? Do those rules make you happy or pissed?

Having the emotional intelligence to seek truth, without letting your old belief systems put you into anger (not think as clearly) is a very altering practice. Anger is almost always covering up an insecurity, a fear, a deep concern, frustration, etc.

We are all driven by one of 2 things - pleasure and pain. Having the emotional intelligence to be driven by pleasure, a better life, more connection, is the best thing you can do, as it is a constant preventative measure against meltdown.

Pain, discomfort, unknown, anger will come up at some point. It’s inevitable.
Emotional intelligence to know that you can only grow outside of your comfort zone is important too. Having the emotional intelligence to know that you’ve never starved to death before, and you’re probably not going to starve now…you’ve faced more lethal viruses than this before, you’ve came out fine before, and you will come out fine this time.

Anchoring to the idea that love is winning, and that for every riot, there are 2-3 peaceful gatherings. For every argument, there are leaders converging under the premise of a different, more loving conversation. This IS civid-related, as your question is around why America is behaving the way it is.

Massive amounts of uncertainty everywhere, because people have gotten their certainty from things/places like jobs, money, seeing the same things and routines.

What if we get our certainty/identity from being a dad, a brother, a friend, a lover? What if our certainty comes form knowing that the universe/nature/god/source (whatever works for you) is perfect?
What if nature is perfect and you are part of it?
What if there is a greater intelligence that is supporting you 100% of the time, and has since before you took your first breath of air?
What would life be like if you realized you were looking into the eyes of a miracle every time you spoke to another human?
What if you relized you look into the eyes of a miracle every time you look into the mirror?
Don’ t believe you are a miracle? Go read this…

What if your identity is that of a miracle?
What if your identity is knowing that you express your deepest biggest miracle through projection of the deepest truth that is inside of you - LOVE

We all think we are driven by anxiety, overwhelm, sadness, fear, etc. Those are just apps that open at times. You shut the apps down, and the operating system is love.

Failure to recognize this, is what is “wrong” with the world/'Murica. The more we recognize that the humans we speak to ARE America, the more clearly we become able to stick up for Americal. When you fight with other humans, you are fighting with America.

You see all of these people that think it is wrong to be proud that you come from America. To me, that’s a big WTF?

To me, you see people that say “All lives matter” are being chastised, and truly, IMO, most of the folks that say that are coming from somewhat of a victim’s standpoint themselves. Saying “all lives matter,” during times like these, is like saying “All buildings matter,” on 9/11.

While I think the above statement holds truth, I also feel saying you love your country doesn’t mean you hate other countries. To me, this is the exact same principle. “All countries matter.” OF COURSE THEY DO!!!

America has done a lot wrong. It has also done a lot right. I see people making posts like “I’m ashamed of my country right now,” in reference to a racial incident. Or saying “This isn’t my country.” You are 100% right! It is NOT your country…just a few small factions of people that are getting all of the media attention.

Wanna know what happens when I go to the grocery store? People are awesome! The bank? People are awesome! The restaurant? People are amazing! Walking trial, gym, movie theater? You guessed it - awesome humans.

People need to stop watching the friggin’ news and look outside. Right now, it feels like the weather man is telling me there is a blizzard in Florida, but somehow I can’t prove it isn’t.

We need to recognize that love is winning. Things are changing and the social unrest you are seeing is discomfort, as we have never been here before…Growth can never happen from within your comfort zone. People are being shoved outside of their comfort zones, and growth is rarely comfortable. This is macro-level growth. The world is changing for the better.

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As to your initial point I think there are several factors that make this challenge particular daunting in this country.

1:) a strong streak of rebellion is core to the American experience
2:) a highly impulsive immediate gratification culture that was always going to be prone to pandemic fatigue
3:) the attacks on experts, the media and the intelligentsia over the last few years
4:) just a complete vacuum of federal leadership


Is it a homogeneous society? The places that have faired the best seem to have that in common.

The questions remain hypothetical without being able to crosscheck the premise.

How can one rightly judge why one thing worked and anther thing didn’t if they know only the one thing that supposedly didn’t work.

Sounds like an exercise in futility.

Have fun with it.

keep it coming people. i’ll do my best to share insights on this end but it looks like there’s likely to be some overlap with replies so better to wait for more input before i jump back in.

The paradox of free will…, we can choose right or wrong and outside Gods word, it’s all relative imho

As for the OP, I’m wrong two things that make us worse…, and it’s not masks in any form…

  • we are fat, obese pigs… I was there up to 2016 and getting my stents… now I actually work at eating healthy, fitness and a strong immune system: God covers the rest for me.
  • no spiritual compass. Aka fear of death as a finality and not transitional. We have less God in our society than ever before and it shows on all the selfishness “me me me” attitudes and actions as well as stress…

But that’s me… no matter where you live brother , hopes you enjoy it each day you are given!!

Line, the questions can’t be hypothetical because the situation i’m describing is real.

Things are working here in the sense that we have been open since the beginning of june and things are flowing smoothly and people are getting on with their lives, work and vacations without infighting. That’s not happening back home. There’s nothing else to judge in that regard so i’m not sure how crosschecking that is going to add to the topic.

This is actually a pretty simple exercise. I would encourage you to participate versus think you need some more information other than what has been given.

part of the reason i haven’t given the country is also because ironically i don’t want this to become what you describe as an “exercise in futility”. i’ve lived here for 3 years. if i tell you the place, i’m going to have a bunch of people who spent 5 minutes online thinking they know this place better than i do and it’s going to derail the intent of the topic and have people going down rabbit holes that have nothing to do with the topic at hand.

dive in man.

Wouldn’t bet the farm or family on that one…

I don’t agree with this. I’m Agnostic, just because I don’t necessarily believe in god doesn’t mean I’m a bad person, matter of fact I really enjoy helping people and as far as the stress comment, my mother in law is a very strong Catholic, she prays twice a day, watches Mass on Youtube daily, but she stresses more than anyone I know. I don’t dispute religion can help people, but I can’t agree that this country is the way it is because of less god in their lives.

You have freewill brother!

We just disagree on “who and why” We are here… even when I was agnostic long ago… I could never accept the idea the we weren’t created / made by a higher power, ID (intelligent design) … that we are simple a mistake or an accident. But that’s me…

Agreed-I usually keep my religious thoughts to myself or only those close to me and I certainly don’t look down on those who believe in god/higher power. I do think religion can help people create a structure and something to live life by, but it’s just not for me.

I get it brother… I’m on the other end of the spectrum- with what I believe, I use myself as a platform for God words to be seen thru…

Now, here I’ve opened up completely- as I am one who feels many don’t have a good grip on what they believe in spiritually… and that is a direct Influence on who they (we) react…

Daily, I bring it up in casual conversation but that is it. Too funny to be posting this as today, I went to a health shop I frequent and the lady there is agnostic… and she always comments that I never push what I believe, I just state it… and that I never get upset when she challenges me… as I’m not supposed to. I can’t control anything outside myself… it’s was humbling as that’s how I want to roll.

When I star things like fear and denial… they are my observations. And if the word is used correctly- judgement.

Key is that normal judgment is ok… but too many drift, shit run! Into condemnation… Jesus himself stated he came to judge and not condemn… Luke 6:37… judging and condemning is bad mojo!

Peace bro!

Dude be thankful you got out of that country when you did. I’m sorry but as great as the USA is, it is full of unintelligent, ignorant, disgusting people who think the world revolves around them. People will follow their “party” wether they agree with them or not, totally defeating the purpose of democracy. Go on YouTube and just watch videos of Americans being interviewed, it’s truly remarkable. Oh and I’m Canadian. We had like 300 new cases yesterday when y’all had like 60000. There’s a reason “What borders on Stupidity? Canada and Mexico!” is a meme.

Difference between modes of communication and content of the communicated information. The content is intentionally delivered and repeated in ways to keep people angry, which is a form of engagement. It amps up your adrenaline and neurotransmitters and other hormones ( cortisol) etc…and all that gets you to consume more.

The news does not pretend to inform anymore, it tries to create the most viable host for its product, so as to justify higher ad revenue.

This is one of the bazillion ironies I shudder about…the anti-capitalists are being used to create monopolistic/oligarchical digital empires.


Editorials sell better then news. And it turns out editorials that reinforce the existing views of a particular segment of society have an almost addictive quality for many.

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weas: both sides or only one side pushing fear? specifically which one or ones?

thx frm for the wishes

i don’t actually believe it’s impossible to have a discussion on my “claims” without knowing the country.

the way i look at it, i’m giving people a first hand opportunity into another country form somebody who has been on this board from way back in the day in many different carnations. that’s actually a rare opportunity. why wouldN’T someone want to take that in these times? or better put why would one find ways to talk themselves out of it or put up resistance to it since it makes too much sense and isn’t going to eat up any more time of their life then they’re already spending on this forum?.

the alternative is to go back to your echo chambers whichever they are. OR you can use the opportunity to engage with someone that might open you up to something new or at least learn about another place first hand. who knows, perhaps what i say may give you more ammunition for your current beliefs but you are going in thinking it won’t and your prejudices and fears real or otherwise imagined are preventing you from that experience !

if a member of the board was embedded in a war zone and you had the chance to to communicate with them vs listen to what cnn or fox were telling you about it, why wouldn’t you take it? fk i would!

finally for the doubters that are fearful because presumably they are focusing on numbers, etc. all i can say is that this is not so much a statistical experiment. it’s a social / behavioral one. if the numbers were fucked up i wouldn’t waste my time with this otherwise i’d look like a fool. this more concerns why people here are behaving differently than back home. it’s about behaviors.

get out of your rush to judgement and need for the echo chamber. sit down. relax. take your fear suit off, have a drink and join the party.

if you all behave nicely, i’ll give you the name of the country when it’s all done. if you act like dickheads, get the fk out. if you don’t want to participate well, your loss.

i got work to do on this end, keep posting and i’ll get back in due time.