Am I crazy?

I can’t escape the feeling that the Rams are taking the West. They have the best defensive player in the division (apologies to Nick), the best offensive player and by far the best QB given Kyler’s injury. They also have a terrific coach and a giant chip
on their shoulder.

Their defensive roster is scary outside of Donald but he’s the force multiplier of all force multipliers and the big three have to stay healthy of course. But if so, I think their chances are being drastically undersold.

Have I lost my mind?


The 49ers D has not taken a step back and Seattle is still Seattle. The Rams are extremely young. That team is basically Stafford, Kupp, and Donald.

My sense is that the Rams are going to be the SOL of the NFC west. Score a lot of points but no ground game and no D.


Interested in seeing how Seattle does this year. They drafted my two favorite players at draft time in the first

Were I a Rams fan, I’d be worried about the Oline first and foremost


I’d say not so fast my friend, but apparently saying that can lead to strokes.

Avila is a bad MFer.

I think they had a sneaky awesome draft (probably a boss there bc they essentially exclusively drafted my guys) and Evans can be a home run UDFA if his head is screwed on tight.

I’m surprised that Witherspoon is holding out.
Seattle is right up there with the 9ers. I liked their draft, but the holdout is no bueno.

The Rams top three players (Stafford. Donakd and Kupp) remind me of the Stafford, Suh, Calvin days…and our version was much younger and healthier.

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Suh does not equal Donald. Not close IMO. And McVay >>>>>Schwartz.

I think they could top Seattle but I think SF is just too talented overall (also not sure I would take Kupp over Deebo as best offensive player). I mean, they almost went to the Super Bowl last year and I think their talent’s been upgraded overall (I especially love the Hargrave signing).

But I think you’re right on the Rams prospects as a whole re: competitiveness, though I think it’ll be more about fighting for the last playoff spot. I’ve been buying the dip in fantasy on pretty much all Rams offensive players, Akers, Stafford, Van Jefferson, Higbee are great values. Even added a lot of Nacua late.

That said, while Donald is perhaps the greatest defender of all time and absolutely a force multiplier, I don’t think one guy can multiply it enough. It’s too easy to avoid one guy, even when he’s right in the middle. So I lean towards @mec30’s take that their offense could be great while their D is below average/terrible.

And when it shakes out like that, I expect them to trade Donald to a contender.

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The 49ers pass rush is going to be a serious problem for the Rams.

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you mean the Lions will trade for Donald at the deadline for our SB run?

I’m interpreting that as a rhetorical question. If it isn’t, I’ve got a boatload of snark for you.

To the point of your feeling that the Rams are taking the West: Since it doesn’t involve beans for us, I don’t really care. However…

Snead without insight from Holmes will inexorably result in too many Tutu-esque draft picks, so a miracle resurgence with only 3 aging pillars and no credit card seems unlikely. McVay to his credit is staying to endure his self-induced nuclear winter. The piper will be paid for the Rams reckless past.

Yeah, I don’t make direct comparisons with players. To many variables.

The similarities is what I’m looking at. The top players happen to be QB, DT & WR. I just don’t see that the Rams current situation bodes well for success. The age and health of those three has to be condidered.

Even with McVay running the show.

This proves nothing, either way.

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I doubt they can keep Stafford upright and I sincerely worry about his health.


might get some grass stains on those nice white chompers

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Just feel its SF to lose…

Actually 1 more concussion and weighing his options might come down on retirement.



macho man randy next question GIF

remember I had him in my mock draft for us?