Amani O

Already better than Teez…

Not the highest bar but at this point I’ll take what I can get.


He’s a keeper IMO. As is Bo. J. Davis is playing much, much better as well. I assume that is health related. Those along with The play of the DL (I thought Okwara was excellent today) were the bright spots. Harris made a few nice plays as well. Although this was against a truly wretched team

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He looked smooth and skillful on that pick.

Time to be hopeful, until it’s not time to be.


Pick was great, liked the coverage.

He didnt run his lane on the kickoff return that lead to the td…went to the middle of the field and left that side of the field open…tavon Wilson and Patricia were very animated when they were talking to him and he kept hitting his chest and shaking his head.

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