Amari Cooper likely to be released

Won’t count against compensatory picks in 2023.

Wouldn’t have a problem with it, but I also wouldn’t overspend… someone will.

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Yeah I think price is going to be too high for us.


I would definitely give his agent a call as soon as Dallas officially releases him. Cooper is only 27, and is probably a cap casualty. He might want more money than what a rebuilding team should offer though.

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Are they going to resign Gallup now?

The more decent WR’s on the market the better.

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They have commented that they want to.

I’m all for Cooper. When healthy he’s a true number one and an elite separator. The injuries are of course a very real concern. He doesn’t turn 28 until July.

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“Too expensive”

It costs money to win games people.

Pay him whatever he wants.

He’s just not signing here.

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Likely trying to get some type of trade for him, but he’s $20M due in each of the next 3 years. Tough.

6th, maybe a 7th in trade? can’t be much more than that.

Indy, Jags, Raiders, Browns, and Bears have cap space and need… assuming Bears let A-Rob leave.

I haven’t looked in depth at other teams to lnow who else could create space to sign him… but this list gives me a little hope.

Would Cooper go back to Raiders after they traded him???

Really? I don’t recall him missing many games at all.

The way I’m reading it, he would come with virtually no guaranteed money. So we might be able to get that number down with a restructure, and if not we have a guy we can move on from at any time.

Exactly, and the Lions could spend a little money at the WR position:

You can get the cap hit for 2021 down through a restructure, but you have to recognize the rest in 2023 and 2024. There would be no savings unless he takes a pay cut.

Im thinking theres going to be some big names being cut soon.

To draw a parallel to the Saquon thread…
I’d rather trade for Cooper than Saquon.


To get a bonafide #1 WR…I don’t care. As long as we get him. He would change the WR room, by himself. He’s excellent for the culture. He’s not injury prone.
He’s what I’d like the Lions to pay or overpay for.


Not positive I’d do this, I’d like to do a new contract with Cooper with guaranteed money and a smaller APY. But 100% agree, rather trade for Cooper than Saquon. Saquon makes no sense to me.


Idk WR wouldnt be the highest on my priority for spending big FA money. I know very little about cap math tho.