Amendola, Daniels miss practice today

Daniels is no surprise, but Amendola is. He made a nice catch late in the Eagles game, falling OB and landing awkwardly and never went back in. Talked with reporters after the game though and said he was OK, or words to that effect.

Slay and Melvin were at practice but didn’t participate in the individual drills while the reporters were there. All of this could be just the Lions taking precautions with the health of some banged up players, but you never know.

No word on Da’Shawn Hand, but right now I’m guessing he won’t play on Sunday.

amendola really took a spill on his shoulder. maybe it was just a stinger but man if you dislocate or sprain a shoulder that’ll last like, forever.

Im not too shocked on Amendola. He landed hard. It looked like he was trying to stretch his ribs or his back when they had him on the sideline. It looked like he was having a tough time breathing. I was thinking he mightve gotten the wind knocked out on the landing, but if he had his side lock up on him, that makes it hard to breathe as well.

Id dearly hope we have him and Slay for Sunday. Daniels hasnt done much, and at this point sadly I think he is stealing snaps from Okwara. We need Slay and Amendola though. The offense sustaining drives will be paramount to keeping Mahomie off the field, and Amendola is our drive extender.

Has anyone heard anything on Bryant? How is his recovery, and will he be ready when his deadline to return is lifted?

I haven’t heard diddly. But I believe he has to wait 6 weeks from the start of the season before he can practice with the team, and I think he has to practice for 2 weeks before he could suit up and get out there. My question is, is it 6 weeks or 6 games? I.E., can he start practicing after the GB game or wait until after the Minny game? Two weeks later, he oughta be good to go, unless his injury is worse than we were lead to believe.

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FYI, Amendola is listed on the Injury Report with a chest injury, sore ribs maybe? Everyone else is as described in the OP. Daniels and Amendola are out, and Slay, Melvin and Hand are Limited.

We are going to get killed this week. I would be happy to lose by 10.